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Christ Michael Speaks More on Clarity and Preparedness
By Jess Anthony
Jul 8, 2010

Christ Michael Aton, I would like to continue the discussion Don posted today. I see our confusion and disconnection
happening because of the paradox Esu spoke of, which can't be clarified further. I have seen the scenario change
numerous times over the last few years and I think I have maintained a view that the bigger picture was reasonable.
The greater need has made the seemingly abrupt change necessary. I understand also the need to provoke a
heightened energy for certain crises. Perhaps it is not possible to do that without the methods used, but it does give the
appearance that holding out false promises because the reason for the change is often not explained. We always need
as much clarity as possible to help us decipher the larger reasons in play. My other concern is the difficulty for most
people to be aware of what is going on because the most commonly used media sources are not providing the true
story. I ask you to speak further on my concerns.
Yes, let's continue our discussion. I spoke of these issues to Don because of his personal concerns and because the
confusion there seems to be because of the different messages. This is always a consideration. Each channeler/receiver
filters my thoughts through his or her own mental mechanism, and the words that are formed to express my ideas
sometimes are only approximate. I choose to use the clearest receivers I can for communicating. We have had this
discussion before, and I realize you know this, but I wanted to say it again. The energy of my idea is passed through and
used to provide resonance in the readers through a familiar vocabulary and verbal system.
I understand your concerns about clarity and misunderstanding. This is always a consideration I have whenever I speak
to a receiver passing on my words. How do I express a much more inclusive and far-ranging concept in summarized
fashion? How is it best for me to condense the idea into succinct phrases that the widest audience can understand? My
connection with my speakers helps me find the most appropriate phrases to use for each person passing on my
This explains also why the continuity you seek is lacking. Different perceptions and styles of communicating allow you to
have only a patchwork of my full intent. My considerations are fluid, as I have said, and I am more interested in having
the greatest number of people on Earth link up with my intent, if not my actual mission. This awakening of sorts is more
significant to me than the Earth changes that are inevitable. I am in a position to be able to weigh the importance of the
timing of these activities in comparison with other more spiritual changes that seem possible. That is not to say that
Earth changes are not part of my overall plan, but causing a realization of my presence in sleeping individuals is a much
more powerful accomplishment in my opinion. You should always look to see how I may "harvest" more souls, to use
that phrase. That will always come first, if possible.
I see your point on the need for a more wide-spread and accessible method for news distribution. I understand how the
mainstream media are straight jacketed by the owners and corporate interests, and I see why you feel there will not be a
change of opinion until the familiar media sources change their message. They are in bed with the corporate and
governmental agencies that control the release of information, so you are correct in saying the general public won't "wise
up" until their awareness is made to see the true situation. Is there something that can be done about that? It may take a
disaster than can't be hushed up to trigger this change. The only way to successfully make that kind of impression is with
some event that is unimaginable and on a broader scale that can't be compartmentalized in the usual fashion.
I will speak a little more about preparation and stockpiling, as you have labeled it. I think it is reasonable for everyone to
have additional food and household necessities on hand as part of general preparedness. The individual disasters that
have been discussed may or may not occur at the time when you expect them to. Other situations may happen in their
place. It is clear that food supplies are less than assumed and the unpredictable weather this year will play havoc with
this year's crops. It is almost a certainly that certain food stuffs and basic supplies will sell out. The costs will go up and
the supplies for restocking will not be available. It is wise to gather provisions, regardless of where you live.
I don't want to make predictions of what will happen, because it is not known. The more you create a positive sense of
cooperation and balance, the more the energy causing the disasters to occur will be affected. The necessary dynamics for
action will no longer be present. This is still a co-creative endeavor, you know, even if you don't know the complete big
picture. I need your involvement by generating supporting energy on Earth. This working out of change and
transformation is energy based. Events and material items begin as thoughts, which are energy. Energy is always
interacting and being transformed, so there is no reason to assume you don't have a part to play in all this. Each person
has his or her own purpose. How you choose to manifest your existence here is your choice, not mine. I can only support
you or be forced to contradict what you choose for the betterment of others around you. I have a game plan, as it were,
that you have agreed to follow, but you have the responsibility to determine how you are following it. I don't tell you
what to do. I am eternally accommodating and supportive, whatever your choices are. I will tell you what you might have
done better, however, and in whatever language necessary to make an impression. Hopefully, the next time the situation
occurs, you will think more along the lines I have suggested.
I hope this clarifies some more. Monjoronson's image of driving down the road was an excellent metaphor for the way
you are living here. The end of the destination is the goal, but the road there is ever changeable, and you constantly have
to adjust your steering to accommodate new and unexpected twists and turns.
These are my words to you this evening.
Christ Michael Aton, as you call me.
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