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Christ Michael

Christ Michael, Esu and Lady Nada say prepare
By Jess Anthony
Oct 14, 2007

Esu, I ask for comments. There seems to be an insistence. Speak now, if you will.

Yes, Jess, I wish to speak to you this evening. This is the preliminary for what is to come. This is not a warning. This is a serious call for you to prepare.

I will speak first. I am Sananda Immanuel Esu Kumara and I have the position of Planetary Prince. I will be taking over this position on Earth in physical form as a symbol of Christ Michael’s lordship as Creator Son of Nebadon. His plan for his Universe is clear and determined. The fact that you have free will on Earth is of no consequence in his overall plan for the ascension of this solar system and your planet. It will happen. Your participation is one aspect of this plan that colors the direction it takes as part of its creation. You are assigned the task of shaping this move. This has been your role always, and you have created the place you are now. You chose to come to Earth at this time to implement the necessary shifts that allow Earth to complete her role. You have a symbiotic relationship with her, and your decisions have always had an impact on her visage. She has allowed you to corrupt her surface and deplete many of the necessary elements that form the nutrients she needs as a living planet. This was her gift to you to allow you discover your own self identity. You are recognizing some aspect of that almost too late to save her.

Therefore, Christ Michael and forces from all across his galaxy have come to assist with the repair and reconstitution of your Mother. This is the compassion you will discover must take place in your interactions with each other as you move into your future. This selfless willingness to participate is inbred in your DNA and must be re-activated to allow your continued ascension as beings of light. This is part of your destiny and now is the time to recognize this.

I speak as the temporal leader who will embody Christ Michael’s wishes on Earth. I will be joined by the Buddha, who will speak to Christ Michael’s spiritual wishes. Together we will represent the spiritual manifestation of the Universal Law. The advocacy of Monjoronson as the Avonal Magisterial Son is the contributed force from the Creative Source in Havona. He was sent as counterpart to Christ Michael to judge the manifestation at this point in its ascension and make the authoritative decisions as to the direction it takes in its next phase. This shift you are experiencing in its beginning phases will move in the timing of Monjoronson. It has never been completely detached from the will of the Creative Source, although Christ Michael was given the lead to design his universe as he saw fit.

It is analogous to your free will on Earth. It is free within the larger scope of the determined wishes of some level higher that is responsible ultimately to the determination of Trinity. Free choice can be overruled by a higher choice.

I will now give the floor to my spiritual counterpart Lady Nada, the voice of feminine energy and will.

Jess, let me speak to you again this evening. You hear a different voice from me as a gentler speaker from Esu. He is speaking more formally today, and I am speaking more familiarly. He spoke of me as his counterpart, and I represent the yin to his yang. This masculine/feminine dichotomy has had a place in all your religious and philosophical expressions of the design of the cosmos. You have instinctively created a place for the feminine receiver of the masculine wishes and ideas. Creativity has come from concept. Concept has been nurtured by emotion and comfort. Comfort has been expressed through physical love and spiritual bonding on many levels of understanding.

This duality of one whole will be represented by my manifestation with Sananda Esu on Earth as his consort Mary Magdalene. The spiritual marriage will be visibly recognized and accepted as the paradigm of human relationships. This may take many forms, but the universality of the male/female pairing will be acknowledged and revered as part of the compassionate unity that Earth’s inhabitants will recognize and seek to exemplify.

The notion of spiritual pairs will be explained and clarified as part of the shift you will be making. You will each see the bond that is necessary for your completion as a spiritual being, and you will understand the need for you to have one.

I speak now. This is Christ Michael Aton, as I have come to be called. My will is that Earth ascends. To that end I have taken over the process and am now controlling the complete scenario for this to happen. I have let man play out his games of control and dominance over others. It has served a purpose in his education, but it is now finished. I will no longer tolerate the delay in acknowledging my wishes. I will no longer allow those at odds with my purposes to direct the progress of my planet. I have been generous to a fault, and I have allowed the perception that I am weak and vacillating in my decisions. This was my prerogative and my choice. I have been imagined as many types of deity and ignored by many as unnecessary or peripheral. I am not. I am the Christed Michael who created the Universe of Nebadon of which the planet Earth is an integral part that I designed specifically. I created the concept that is Earth. I chose all the elements that comprise her manifestation. I allowed all forms of physical actualization as a means to realize my vision for her.

I chose to allow dark elements at odds with my vision to take over my creation. I chose to quarantine my planet to protect the rest of my Universe, and I agreed to allow spiritual masters to incarnate here to attempt to work out a resolution from within and under the limitations of duality. I watched this for eons and I saw it almost succeed and fail. I was determined not to allow this to happen again and I chose to make my final bestowal as a physical embodiment here to redirect the flow of man’s energy streams in an inevitable path I created through my incarnation.

This has led to now, this time. Man has done what he could do from within. There is no more he can accomplish without my direct intervention. I have the complete authority to intervene as I choose and redirect the ascension of my Earth as it needs to be.

That is what is now happening. You will see the results shortly.

This has been Aton, the Christ Michael of Nebadon speaking through his voice Jess Anthony on this evening on the beginning of the intervention.