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has landed!

Highlights of this issue
* The “Big Surprise” has suddenly happened. Christ Michael and shuttle craft with troops from the forces of Light have landed on Earth in invisible mode. They are taking care of unfriendly dark ones in the military, banking industry, and government! Then comes the media!
* So finally, the Light has come to reclaim the Light, and cleanse the Darkness once and for all.
* The Light forces are here to stay. They will help set up interim temporary governments around the planet with corrupted governmental representatives being replaced.
* Among the general population, shock should gradually open their eyes and ears, then with the severe repercussions flowing, some fear and anger will rise.
* We are urged to show compassion towards the dark ones. Their removal and incarceration are less about punishment than about rehabilitation. After a long time and hard work, some of them may be able to return to the path of evolution. Some though will have to be uncreated.
* Geophysical events will occur in parallel with the political, social, and economic developments.
* Intense solar energies are manifesting on our planet which will have diverse effects on all things.
Editorial; Lucia G; Hazel; Rubens; Kibo; Adam; Dorothea; Solon; Tania
 This newsletter includes relevant information from global and higher realms as major positive changes to Earth and humanity unfold in these prophesied end times. We are co-creating a new Golden Age, connecting once more to the physical and non-physical universes through the process of Ascension, with assistance from our galactic brothers and sisters. Suppressed truth is surfacing rapidly, and indeed shall set us free.
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Great news, all of our major problems are virtually eliminated in one lightning-fast move! Led by Christ Michael, millions of high technology troops from Star Fleet/Fleet Command (known to some as Galactic Federation, Ashtar Command, and others) have landed on the planet in invisible mode, and are carrying out the intervention decreed by the Divine Plan of Christ Michael, with the support of Prime Creator.
Even though there were suggestions of landings, I really didn’t expect this now! Earth changes and financial changes will still occur. Jupiter continues to be held behind the Sun. The media will also be taken over so the truth can be transmitted.
It was interesting in Australia last Saturday evening that the fear-based alien invasion movie “Independence Day” was brought out again in a hurry. Government and media just can’t help themselves can they?
There has been so much infomation coming in these last few days, I have run out of room again.
So, in the ensuing times, check on progress if you can at . Failing that, the daily news should become more truthful soon. Happy viewing!!
Tony Wicks        May 18, 2010
Galactic and World News (Edited)
(May 12, 2010) S333 THROUGH HAZEL: (D Day)

Well dear ones, the day you have all been waiting for is upon the world. We are not stating whether it is Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday etc as you know it but we are here to say that D Day is upon you. The actual time of the event is irrelevant. In no uncertain terms I say to you that you are to expect it within your coming days. The element of surprise is necessary for crucial reasons. The proof you have been asking for is forthcoming, that you may not doubt again that the divine plan is being executed.
The dark ones are on their last leg, literally, hopping about on one, and not getting very, far yet still stubbornly holding on with the thought that we are all words with no real intent behind what we say. How sad we feel for them as they are about to feel the force of divine retribution. We ask you ones of the light to pray at this time for your dark brothers for they desperately need the light of recognition that they may bow out before the final blow is struck.
We are not releasing details of how we intend this strike to manifest and in what way, but know that it is sanctioned by divine dictate and ready for realisation on the material world.
To our lighted children get yourselves prepared psychologically and spiritually for the resulting impact will be worse than you imagined or contemplated. Remember the warning given by the Father weeks ago, no tears and no fears. Well this is the time to recall and fortify yourselves for you shall be called upon to assist in greater measure.
Yes we are about to play the trump card. The missile has been launched. Get ready for detonation. That is all I have to say for now. Another message will swing by soon.
Cheerio. I am S333 and my seal I place on these words.
(May 13, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL AND S333 THROUGH HAZEL: (Politics)
CM: Those politicians who serve the dark (and there are many) are aware of our agenda in reclaiming the Mother and my children. They continue to employ every measure they could to upset our plans. Yet they fail to comprehend the intricacies of divine ordination and sorely misunderstand our capacity to affect the momentum of energies necessary to create the dilemmas that are soon to confront them. They are very burdened at this moment beloveds. There are many issues weighing on their minds but the most pressing issue that none of them will disclose is their knowledge and fear of our imminent arrival. They have covered up our presence from humanity so that they could remain in supreme control and governance over a people who for the most part dwell in ignorance of the existence of higher beings who are able and willing to rescue your world from the misery it is now embedded in. There exists a greater conspiracy here, one that you are all unknowing of.
The politicians of your world have failed mankind in every respect. Is this not obvious? Had they made an honest contribution, would your economies be in the state that they are in now? Every fiscal policy they affirmed is tainted by the poison of dark intent. This has had a rebound effect on the most important institutions in your world. The time is coming when politics will be a thing of the past. Power will not be placed in the hands of a few under the veneer of democracy. The problems which now beset your world due to the evil machinations of the elite few will never again trouble you. For we are going to hold in the very, very near future a requiem mass for the dark ones. They have baited their end which is timely upon them.
We do not intend at this juncture to pinpoint any one politician and lay his evil deeds bare before you. That is not my way dear ones. I can assure you that they will be exposed by their own doing which will be come most obvious to you ones as the days and weeks progress. Many of you already have your suspicions on who some of them might be. I will say that it is those who appear most innocent who are the greatest and gravest culprits.
Sweet victory is so near now dear ones that you cannot begin to imagine how clean your air will be after the carcases of the dark are shovelled up and disposed of.
The collapse will start from the top and when those who wield the power fall, those below will also cave as they take their orders from the top and will be in no position to stand on their own. There is currently a great deal of fragility amongst the dark ones and they are grasping at every opportunity to wreak havoc for they are intent on taking you all down with them if they must go. I assure you beloveds that that is not going to happen. We watch them like hawks and like the mother hawk we will waste no time in sweeping down to fight the enemy in order to protect what is ours.
The celestial bells have started to chime and by the time they stop this must be done. The 'this' being the end of the dark parade. The Creator's way is always that of love, compassion and forgiveness. I can no longer give however that which has been continuously rejected. So be it dear ones. The battle cry has been sounded. The Light is coming to reclaim the Light and to cleanse the darkness once and for all.
S333: Yes the battle cry has indeed sounded from our realms. Our soldiers laden with artillery are poised at our command to infiltrate the ranks of your dark to create the disturbance needed to catalyse the topple. It is already in motion. As this message is being given we have issued these commands and the infiltration has begun. Acid will be poured on open sores which will exacerbate the current problems now being experienced. What effect does acid have? It causes severe burns and disintegration doesn't it? Watch now very closely in your coming days for signs of fresh instability and upsets. They will be most conspicuous.
The purse strings are going to be pulled open that you may see its empty interior. Then you will know. It will be a sight to behold, don't miss it dear ones. The innocent unknowing victims of the dark governments of your world will then know that they have been played for fools and lured down the path of deception. Panic and fear will set in leading to protest and retaliation. Thus it begins. It has started.
This is all for now. I thank this child who takes this message for she is exhausted yet she has chosen to serve. Thank you beloved one. Our blessings and love are with you.
(May 14, 2010) S333 THROUGH HAZEL: (Developments)  [Big Ones!]
Hazel: Dear All, S333 visited at 19:30 and gave this message. I asked him a few times to confirm the accuracy, and he did. Just before I pressed the send button, I asked him again and he said yes and that I was trying his patience. It is with great trepidation that I post this, but also with great anticipation. I feel as if I am in a dream. Love to all.
S333: Further to the last message delivered earlier today I can say to you that we are here. Hard to believe isn't it? Yes we have touched down. Invisible to you as yet but here nevertheless. The troops have dismounted. We are about to disperse on ground amidst your populace. This is necessary at this point. We are no longer enjoying the aerial view but come to walk amongst you now to execute the further steps in the game plan.
Shortly, contact will be made with a select few and as we assess matters, links may be made with others. We ask for patience at this time for crucial events are going to be set in motion which will culminate in a series of catastrophic results.
You must understand that we cannot visibly show ourselves at this time for it will engender great fear amongst the general public. We will gauge the right time for appearances. For now, all you need know is that we have touched down. Exciting times are promised for those who know and believe. You of the light who accept our presence will have to hold the hands of those who are unknowing and lead them into understanding. You will know when this becomes necessary. We will be giving you a series of updates regularly from now, so those who take messages be on guard.
Further details will not be given at this time. We ask that you trust that the divine plan is working out accordingly. We will soon be handing you your freedom passes. Something for you to look forward to.
I am S333 and know that these are my words. I come in the Light.
(May 14, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL AND S333 THROUGH RUBENS: (We are About to Walk Your Land)
This is Aton and S333 coming to give you the news that we are about to walk your land shortly. Despite our telling you on numerous times it will be an event of monumental importance for the inhabitants as a whole, it will have the advantage of forcing the hands of the dark ones. This is not to say that we will establish close contacts with all, but rather that those of you in touch with us will benefit of that closer and personal contact which will have the advantage of effecting your societies through changes coming from those in replacement of your corrupted governmental representatives.
We will not take the reign of your planet permanently, but will have a direct hand in its governance in the interim; we will engage many of you, guiding you towards the monumental changes that must happen. I will not entertain the idea of what the dark ones are about, since it should be clear to you that their course is set, and so is also their fate.
I, Aton, will not give any information for now as to how we will implement the monetary changes, although we have touched upon it in the past, but know that we will do much to help you make the transition and will assure that your future is not in jeopardy. We will assist where and when necessary and you must trust the process. We will provide assistance in many areas that are vital for you in order to avoid as much chaos as possible. You will none-the-less experience great difficulties and you must learn how to deal with them since this is your planet of residence and you are to become better caretakers of it because the aim is to acquire your full sovereignty. Prepare and be ready, dear ones. Aton out.

S333: As CM mention, we will not be baby-sitting you, but we are here to assist as much as is possible. Dark ones, I cannot help but give you a last piece of advice to cease and desist for your own good, although I doubt that you know what is good for you at this point, but so be it. We are here to stay and there is absolutely nothing that you can do about it. We give our blessings to the statements above and we shall reconvene again.
(May 15, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH HAZEL: (Update #1)
We are well and truly here. Yes and the work has begun in earnest to cleanse those institutions governed in darkness. We have been fortunate to have secured some cooperation which will facilitate infiltration into certain ranks. You see dear ones, we already had divine beings on the ground who were expecting our arrival.
Those who are a liability are going to be taken down post haste. We mean business now and will not tolerate anyone standing in our way.
In the coming days you will hear of strange things taking place without understanding what has happened. We are not disclosing what they might be, but if you pay sufficient attention you will know. The dark will try to cover up many things from you during this time but we will take every measure necessary to ensure that the population is able to hear and see the truth. We have mobilised some of our ground resources and soon results should be seen physically.
There is an interesting development about to take place in the world of politics and finance and we suggest that you pay close attention. We are going to pull the necessary strings needed for a timely collapse to occur. We now assume the role of the puppet masters and those who have reigned with the dark wand will become the lowly minions.
We are primed in our plan and ready to start making things happen. Yes the occurrences and results in your coming days and weeks will shock the population into opening their eyes and ears. Gradually at first, but then the severe repercussions which will flow shall create enough confusion to spark greater awareness, not to mention fear and anger.
This is going to be time of exposure. The events we are orchestrating will cause sequential demise of systems whose timeline has expired, or as you ones say, reached its "used by date". The gluttons for punishment will receive such if they do not surrender to the light now. The ride has started so to you ones hold on tightly.
You do not need to know specifics. Just know that the process of disintegration has commenced with divine fervour.
To my light workers soon your work will be at hand. I suggest you get your "houses" in order.
I am Christ Michael Aton and these are my words. I place the seal of the Father hereto.
Candace: You know dark brothers, this is one you are NOT going to win, why not make it easier on yourselves, and cooperate with the Divine? You are going to be removed totally otherwise, and if your future is important to you, now is the time to grow up into your divinity.
(May 15, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH RUBENS: (Update #2)
I place my seal on the update that you are about to write and I want you to call it Update 2 which is a continuation to the first one. Redundancy is justified here. We are about to force the hands of the ones in your military by encouraging them very strongly to take the necessary stands in order to prevent any harmful measures to reach the populace, since the ones who give the orders do want to create the chaos mentioned on numerous times, but it is a waste of time and energy on their parts. The upper echelon of such military apparatus do know unequivocally of our presence and they must comply or else.

You will not have a hint as of yet as to how we are coming down on them with enormous force and pressure, but just wait and you will eventually understand the repercussions of our uninvited forceful roles.

That will be it for now and expect the unexpected, in our favours, of course. I place my blessings upon the update. More will be forthcoming. Just be ready. CM, Your big cheese of Nebadon on the very ground that you walk on.
Candace: CM is on the ground. I heard from him myself this morning. He is "closer" regards the telepathy, really obvious.
(May 15, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH RUBENS: (Update #3)
This is CM again. I am here already with yet another update for you to take since our other dear one is taken and is unavailable. (Candace: Probably with S333 at the time.) We have regained control of an important section of the command base of the military and we have received full cooperation; I have given the command to go ahead and implement orders that were purposely being tampered with. That is a great victory since it has secured an essential apparatus of control that the dark ones cannot afford to be taken away. It is done.
In the coming days, we assure you that we will issue some announcements, the source of which will not be named for now, but you will understand beyond the shadow of a doubt that we are behind the manouvrings. We are creeping pretty rapidly into their circles of control and will gain full control of those means of empowerment over you; we will change completely the way in which the operations are being used, for the benefit of all. We are way past victory already and are satisfied thus far with the manner in which things are flowing.

Dear ones, you should already be excited because you should be able to smell the wind of freedom coming in from the not-so-distant corner of the Earth. We are still cautioning you to be on your guard, but you have every reason to celebrate among you quietly. Much remains to be done and we will inform you pretty frequently.

This is Update 3, dear one and I, Aton, Creator Son of Nebadon place my seal of approval upon it.
(May 15, 2010) S333 THROUGH HAZEL: (Diamonds Amongst the Coal)
To the Dark Ones, we are amongst you now and know what your plans are. You are not going to be allowed to execute what you are planning. The people have a right to know what they have been subjected to for so long and there is nothing you can do to stop this. You may seek to delay this but time is not on your side anymore. We see you skittering around like mice and rats. It's not going to work. You either give up and give in now or be prepared to be transported to shores anew and I don't mean the shores of an exotic island.
Your frenzied appearance is most hilarious to observe so we know that you are at your wits end trying to find solutions where none exist. If you intend to go down with a fight then we will oblige you but it is better if you just capitulate now and save yourselves a worsening of your fate.
You know we are here. Do you still think that you are resourceful enough to win this battle? Your ammunition of metal and steel are no match for our artillery, and the cadre of lies you have planned to besiege the general public cannot wield the light of truth that will confront them when we are finished with you. Your stubbornness shall be your downfall. Your plans to dominate the peoples of this Earth will not materialise for we are here to stay until this is finished. Your days of prevail are over. Now you shall see that which the Father has promised unfolding before you and you shall know that your human strength is no strength at all and that his will is matchless.
We are here to squeeze the pus from those sores so that finally it can breathe in the light of day and begin the healing process.
We are standing in your midst whilst you plot and plan and we know the strategy to employ to diffuse your tactics. We are your shadow from now until this is over. Yes we will be your companions and as you plot we will undo them. You will find that success is not happening and spokes are flying left, right and centre. You will be so weary by the time we are done with you that your lost resolve will cause you to slump. We are not here to indulge in your senseless childlike games. We are here to remove every vestige of darkness as part of cleansing the planet so that the Mother whom you have abused for aeons shall be able to continue with her transition into an era of great light free of your demoniac influences. Do not think that you can impede this for you are powerless to do so.
I tell you that you will sense us; you will feel our presence, and you will know that there is company but you will not see us. When you feel that light wind wash against your cheek know that that is the breath of divinity; when you feel that sharp stick in your ear know that it is the voice of scolding. When you feel that you are being followed know that you are.
When from the corner of your eyes you see stars of light flash know that we are here there and everywhere. Your nerves will grate through your inability to control this.
Give up now brothers and make your descent easier. There is not much time left before the walls of the economies plummet to their death. It's best that you hand things over to the professionals now so that some semblance of order can be restored before the final curtain is drawn on the world as you know it.
I bid you with haste to think carefully of your next action and ask that you find your courage and honesty for your sakes. S333.
Candace: Time to toss the rag in Dark Brothers, as I suggested yesterday. Other fleet members have come quietly before to walk the planet, but these current ones are not coming quietly. As posted previously, the Big Cheese himself IS on the ground in command. As I read this, there is mention of seeing stars that flash in the corners of the eyes, boy have I had a BIG increase in that myself the last of couple days.
(May 15, 2010) ESU THROUGH KIBO: (God is in the House)
Kibo: This came in ... early for me, but head itch was bad and headache was starting to form, so I sat down and, well, here you go... I wish all of you out there love and light and truth and thank you all for caring about God and his plan. Please, let us all be excellent to each other for God's sake and for the sake of each other.
Kibo: What's with the church greeting?
Esu: We just wanted to say thank you.
Kibo: What? It's over?
Esu: It is ending as we speak. You have nothing to worry about. Just let it happen and observe as energies and forces separate into their respective polarities. You see this already in little stories that reach the headlines.
Kibo: People are going nuts out there.
Esu: Things will continue to grow onto climax, a rising crescendo of events that will long be remembered.
Kibo: Is the deadline still the same?
Esu: Yes it all goes well. The dark ones are besides themselves trying to figure out who is who and what is what. They are informed of infiltration, that we are among them and they suspect each other even more. They are trying to purge their system but it is to no avail. Those that are the targets, the subject of these purges are now thinking that it is a good time to change sides rather than be thrown under the bus, as it were. Everything is progressing very nicely and in due time you may be able to give an announcement of your own to this effect.
Let the pot bubble just a bit more as things will become more and more obvious, even to the hardest of sleepers among you. Even the densest of you will be able to see that there is a huge crack in your reality that is about to be blown wide open. Jupiter will be shown in public for all to see. Eventually, ships will decloak here and there, popping in and out just enough to cause people to question their reality if not their sanity. But when hundreds and thousands of people are reporting the same thing it ceases to become a question of sanity and is perceived as an event and this is what we want. The notion that there is an event of great magnitude happening right before the eyes of everyone.
Kibo: Still, we are told weeks of changes. Could this still turn into months?
Esu: Not as you think of it. Weeks on the side of days and not months would be the best estimation. The divine deadline leaves no room for going beyond, it is an absolutely set date in your linear time/space reference, whereas for us, it has already happened. But it is something you will experience fully and will be settled by then. We will do what we can to finish beforehand but there is no leeway given for afterwards. It must be finished by then and that is that. We have known this for some years now and while we had hoped to finish this by now, we are placed in a position where drastic measures must be taken. IT MUST BE FINISHED BY THEN, NO IFs, ANDs OR BUTs!
Kibo: But you can't tell us when?
Esu: Very few are privy to this date as we have been able to directly reveal it. But all the clues are there to make an informed calculation of it. We know you still have reservations about this and are trying not to have any doubt concerning this and we can see where you are confused concerning the need to still work on certain projects, which we have told you to do. This has been for your benefit that you may continue to grow and not just watch the paint dry, as you put it.
Kibo: I think, there...
Esu: There is no chance of that anymore whatsoever! At some point even you are going to have accept all of this for what it is, reality. You never want to commit to making the transition between believing and knowing. I understand that it is hard without proof, and proof is being given, and you will eat that pudding when the time comes. Suffice it to say that the dish is sitting on the table right in front of you and it is up to you to pick up your spoon and partake of it. It is your choice.
We thank all of you for your work in the truest sense of the word. Just, for once, stop and think about all that you have experienced and come to a definite conclusion within yourself as to whether or not you are truly strapped in for this ride. The train to a new reality is about to leave the station. You have been on it for a while and have wondered if it will ever pull out. What sense does it make to leave the train for even a second knowing that it could pull out at any moment? You boarded early enough to be anxious about it. You pester the conductor and the engineer and the staff and have watched as preparations to depart have progressed. You have heard the call for 'all aboard'.
You are watching now as the engine is revved up, the steps are pulled up and the conductor and staff begin to check tickets. Anyone on board without a ticket will have to pay out of pocket or be expelled off the train. Latecomers are still running to board, waving just-purchased tickets in hand above their heads. You are being told to find your compartment or cabin or seat and be where you have to be when the train leaves the station. You can call it a train, a ship, a boat, a bus or what have you, but the point is still all the same.
This is not a time to sit and say to yourself that this thing will never leave. What are you going to do? You are either on or off. You cannot leave and get back on, it is too late for that. If you think that there will be more delays, know that there has to come a time when there can be no more delays.
The transport is scheduled to leave at a set time and even if it pulls out late, it must be out of the station within the allotted timeframe. There is no choice in that matter. The station manager and the owner of the line has called and ordered the train, or what have you, to be beyond the gates, the doors, the reefs, the runway, the tunnel, the portal, by the given time - AS IS.
So whatever the circumstances are at that time, that will be the case, that will be it. Good-bye, so long, farewell, auf viederstein, adieu, sayonara, ciao, catch you on the flip side and thanks for the fish. Do you not see this? Can you not feel it?
I AM telling you what I know to be a fact of the prevailing reality of fluid being as it manifests itself in your particular arena of time and space, space and time. There is a deadline and it is soon and WE are doing everything that WE can to finish before that deadline in a divinely correct manner with no option to delay afterwards. THERE IS NO CHOICE IN THIS MATTER AS THIS IS A SOURCE DIRECTIVE!
(Break - private conversation)
Esu: You have a phrase that fits very well in this circumstance - GOD IS IN THE HOUSE.
Kibo: (I think) Actually, in urban vernacular, it's: GOD IS IN DA HOUSE!!!
Esu: Whatever, the point is that this whole thing has been done not for the glory of Christ Michael. It is being done for the Glory of SOURCE I AM THAT I AM. The final movement of this orchestrated piece is made by SOURCE and SOURCE moves as IT wills. The vicissitudes of time, space and circumstance are as nothing to ALL THAT IS for it is PRIME CREATOR that has created these things and they exist for Its benefit.
It does not exist for the benefit of Its creation, though in Its existence It chooses to benefit creation with Its Life, Light and Love, for these things are one. The God of gods is here, personally, to place Its seal on this event of ascension and to bless the making of it and to render onto us the fulfillment of it. It is a huge thing that is happening so you can see why we are so motivated to get this done without any more delays or hitches.
Before you ask me why we just didn't go ahead and do this sooner, for I can see the question forming in your mind, suffice it to say that we knew what this would take. We know that the offensive that is now underway is doing precisely what it is designed to do, dismantle completely the dark system with time to spare; the interim to be used to creating a perfectly presentable gift to the Father Creator.
We have given as much time for any that would answer the call to come to the Light, live in Light and serve in Light, as we could possibly give and still meet Divine Expectations. It has been a huge learning experience for all involved and the whole project has been deemed a great success. So now it is time to close up shop, pack up, load up and let the train leave the station with much fanfare and celebration.
This is why I come to you and say: Hallelujah! This is why we say to you all who have done the work:
Thank you! Your work will not go unrewarded! Those that have laboured long in the fields of harvest, and those who have laboured just a little while, shall all be rewarded.
Behold! The good and the evil, the Light and the Dark shall find their just reward, for it is done. The Creator of Creators has come to set straight the path of humanity.
All shall be visited, all shall be known, all shall be paid their just due, according to their works. And so I, even I - Esu Immanuel Kumara Sananda of Christ Michael Aton's bestowel on Urantia, Earth Shan, Gaia - whom men call Jesus Christ - even I Planetary Prince of Urantia, say unto ye inhabitants of Gaia, glory to the Lord God, First Source and Centre of All Things, as All That Is, as One, hallelujah, hallelujah, hallelujah, for he has come to claim his own and show them a new and greater path to walk in Light and Love! And so it is.
(May 15, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH LUCIA G: (Strength and Faith)
(Candace: We have two Lucia's. The one in the list is from Europe. This Lucia, I think lives in South America, and she has done some of our Portuguese translations. I am including her Portuguese version in this and this will also be placed in the Portuguese section.)
L: After a meditation where I was sending Light to our Mother Gaia, I received this message.
CM: I am that I am, Christ Michael Aton. Yes, I am here. I am not alone, we have many soldiers standing by to initiate "The work".
We are here and we will not give any respite to anyone standing in our way. I recommend to all of you, strength and faith. Stay focused and balanced in my Light. Stay attentive because there will be moments that the only communication possible will be through telepathy.
Now starts your work as "ONE". We will always be "ONE". The "battle" will be won and your freedom conquested. Be with my infinity Love. I believe on the power of my children. I will never desert you.

I Am that I Am, Christ Michael.

L: Thanks for the honour. I am here with all my Love and Faith to serve you.
CM: There is no need for crying child. For those who came to serve this cause, the moment is now. I believe in your strengh and mettle, go for it!
(May 16, 2010) CELESTIALS THROUGH ADAM: (Understanding the Dark)
An eventful day it has been! Much has been unleashed upon the dark ones, with more to come.
This idea of "dark ones" is not fully understood. It is true that most souls who incarnate on Earth experience lifetimes of wickedness and selfishness; sometimes much worse than that. But this is part of evolution of the soul in duality. You yourself were once a brutal and merciless warrior in Asia and much feared. Your experiences during that lifetime taught you a great deal about compassion and the pain and loneliness of serving the dark; you learned to turn away from it and why you should turn away from it. Many lightworkers have learned similarly.
But these dark ones who have had your world in a stranglehold have not learned. They have returned over and over, sinking more and more deeply into the abyss. What do you think happens to someone who makes that choice time after time? The word "insane" is quite inadequate. The corruption and rot are indescribable. Were you to see inside the mind of one of these you would be profoundly damaged.
When it was decided that the experiment in duality would come to a close these dark ones balked at the idea of giving up their power. They had become so attached to the meagre rewards of cruelty and petty power that they did not even remember how to be any other way. Fear and pain were what had come to sustain them. They ceased even the pretense that they might evolve.
These warnings to stand down have not been given only on the physical level, but on the soul-level; their core selves have been directly warned as well. But they are either unwilling or unable to hear. Or perhaps they have so completely given themselves to evil that they do not care.
This is why you have been urged to regard them with compassion. These beings are so profoundly damaged and diseased that there are literally no words to convey it. Their removal and incarceration are less about punishment than about rehabilitation. After a very long time and a great deal of work some of them may be able to return to the path of evolution. Some will have to be uncreated. And some are so broken that they may be beyond help. They may simply wither and unravel; dispersing into nothingness.
We tell you this so that you may understand that, although your liberation will be joyful and the removal of these ones is right and good, to hate them and long for their punishment and humiliation is to become like them, if only a little bit.
How can any punishment be worse than what they have already done to themselves? That's all for now. Good night.
Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come shining through.
No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep believing, the dream that you wish will come true. - Cinderella
May 16, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH HAZEL: (Update #4)
Calamity is about to beset those dark ones who have decided to interfere with some of our plans. Do not be surprised if you hear news of disappearances in thin air. You will know how it happened. They are trying to undermine the progress we made yesterday by imposing threats on those who have seen the wisdom in cooperating with us. They will not be told again, they will just find themselves elsewhere. We have not come here to indulge them. We are here to iron out certain situations in preparation for their eventual removal.
As I indicated to you yesterday the military has been very cooperative for they know what the alternative would have been had they refused. We are however experiencing opposition from those who govern the financial institutions. They still feel that they know best. It is not going to be possible for them to avert what is coming which is a major collapse of the system. We are merely suggesting that the reins of control be handed over to those who could salvage in a measurable way a temporary reprieve. You see this is necessary to ensure that institutions and people could operate and live at a basic level until stasis. They are not budging at this moment. No need for worry as we are about to execute plan B. This they will not be able to stall.
You may be wondering in which locations we are present. We are dispersed all over. We are present in many countries as a matter of necessity for this is a global operation we are undertaking. There is need for a degree of synchronicity. We however know who must be brought down first in terms of priority.
There is a prominent presence however in the US, for this is where the seeds of change must be initially planted. They hold a major key that we need. The routing out starts here and will flow northwards.
There are fresh surges of energies crawling into the organisations and we are going to sweep and mop them clean.
I would like to give assurance that our plans will not be subverted by the dark for they do not hold the cards any more. This intransigence being shown by the bankers were not unexpected so we are more than capable of dealing with them. They feel that if they put up a collective front that the opposition and pressures being placed on them will dissipate and disappear. They are so wrong. We are not going anywhere until this is done.
We are executing a clandestine operation that will force them once and for all to forfeit their power hold.
Our next visit will be paid to those high ranking government officials. They will be feeling as if they are hearing things for so loud shall be our orders to them be that they will not be able to ignore the summons. Yes I promised yesterday that we would be the new puppet masters and so be it. Their strings are going to be pulled by those of the light now. It is promising to be a struggle however for this is the forum used by the cowardly sons of the dark to handle their minion workers. Without these minions the dark will not be able to vent their wickedness.
We are forcing them to come out from hiding dear ones. They have two choices, run and hide or come out. Since hiding is of no avail there is only one way and that is to show their ugly selves. They are going to face me and they will know that I am God their very Father for I shall remind them. They can call the name of Lucifer and Satan as much as they desire but that will not help them anymore. Against my light shall their darkness be measured and I will render to them a final choice before their ultimate fate is decided. In this way they cannot accuse me of not allowing them to change sides. I will however know their intent and make my judgment accordingly.
We are in happy times dear ones. I have said that I would come for you my faithful children and I have. First I have some pressing business to take care off, ridding the Earth of the dark forces so that I could then free you that you may ever more walk in my light.
Do not be concerned by details. Leave them all to me. I know exactly what must be done and what needs to be done and it is with effectiveness and speed that I intend to bring matters to a conclusion that the business of the mother's cleansing may continue into rebirth and life.
Hear me clearly you of my fold. I am here amongst you again in different form but here nevertheless. I come to bring you home, for home is where the light perpetually shines, where you can roam freely in your true being and grow in divine stature. I am in the process of removing the manacle of darkness by which you have been bound for aeons. I am freeing you. There will be no excuse left, no reason and explanation why you cannot ascend to your highest being. Prepare yourselves for I have come for you.
These words are mine and my seal is that of the Source of All. Aton.
Candace: Just as confirmation I have been told military first, bankers, then government are the priorities of our star fleet boots on the ground. I am kept generally informed, but not with big specifics, as I do not want to leak something on the phone. Also for my safety I should not know too much and neither should any of you.
(May 16, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH DOROTHEA: (Warning of Increasing Quake Activity)
We are ready to progress with some of the earthquake activity and so we urge those of you that live in areas of expected quake activities to be aware of all signs that it could be ready to happen. By this I mean watch nature such as birds, your pets and the like.
Watch for the earthquake clouds, although these have been seen recently and as yet there have been no quakes. Gather up some provisions if you are in these areas if you have not done so and these may carry you through these times of no power or access to buying goods. If you are in physical danger, then listen to your inner voice and respond as requested. You may be told to get out of a building or to not go to work on time.
Your inner voice may save you if you will allow it! If you are in harm's way and you are offered a beam of light, do not hesitate to get in the light beam! We will need to have your cooperation in this, so again we are giving this warning. Yes, we know that this information has been given over and over, but it may seem to you that it won't happen "here" and I can assure you that many places will start to feel the shaking and rolling now of Gaia. This is a multi-hinged plan and this is yet another aspect to it. So we are once again giving you this advice.
It is time to step up to the plate and be ready to play the game. You are a member of a team and it is now time for you each to be ready to carry your load, so to speak. And we need for you to be rested, centred and we need you to LISTEN to your inner voice. It may at times be the only connection some of you will have as power outages due to Earth changes may not allow for computer access and the ability to get these messages. That is why we are now updating so frequently, as we will need you to be as informed as possible should the connection to these messages not be possible.
I know you want to know when.. I hear the question forming in your mind. But I will not say when, as you very well know. And I cannot say where the earthquakes will take place, but it is most likely to occur in places that are already expected to have major activity. This will have to suffice for now. My main objective in giving this warning is to remind you that you must be ready at a moment's notice to not only avoid harm but you will be needed to help others as well. Our plans go exceedingly well. More on that later. But get this message out now for me to those who are near potential earthquake areas.
I am Christ Michael Aton and I have placed my seal on these words.
Candace: The Sun has been kept VERY quiet again by Star Fleet. We do expect some coronal hole activity in the next days. The back of the Sun is again active, implying the front as it rotates around will increase in activity again. They did want to get this other project underway with the dark ones, so there is some semblance of order through the coming changes.
Earthquake clouds were seen over LA a few days ago. Quakes are increasing along the Elisinor Fault. Also a 3 in downtown LA yesterday and a 3.9 out on a beach west of Northridge (the one north of LA, not North Ridge, which is east of Oceanside.) There are small quakes, 5 of them, along the very northern part of the San Andreas, which is uncommon for this many in that area. USGS has been caught many times by me and others removing quakes.
Earthquake clouds are sometimes seen for weeks before huge quakes manifest, sometimes, just hours before. PLEASE everyone living in quake areas, and some of you are there to help evacuate others if needed, please keep adequate water, toilet paper, food, and any other necessary supplies on hand to last a couple weeks if need be.
Ditto any of you living in "tornado alleys" and the like. Also PLEASE keep small bills and lots of change on hand should we get that bank holiday, under which you will not be able to swipe your cards. Retailers will rapidly run out of small change, so do not store large bills. I save ALL my 1's, 5's, and 10's I get, plus all my coins.
This applies to all countries, these ideas dear readers, not just the US of A. I follow obviously quake activity here, as it is more detailed, but there are many risky areas around the world. Besides tornado season now, we are entering hurricane season, and then there is the issues of heavy rain with flooding, and perhaps for some of you, NO rain and drought. Be prepared and do NOT waste water, as ALL need it.
(May 15, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL AND S333 THROUGH SOLON: (Defining Roles of Various Fleet Members on the Ground) (Solon has been doing most of the Portuguese translations lately)
CM: Beloved son, here is your Father. We landed on your shores, and this is a fact. All the Fleet Command and millions of soldiers from many many star nations who are in service of the cause are on the ground in order to run my Divine Plan on Earth and its inhabitants. Some members of the group Battlefront will have closer contact with us because they play the role of tactical information to Lightworkers to maintain your positions within and outside themselves, that the unfolding of my plan to have the desired success.
Some members landed on your soil have the task of defending those with the task of transmitting this information, which is an important tactical role. All the rest are fulfilling missions of infiltration between the dark lines so the disintegration can occur in an orderly, safe, and sure manner. As stated by S333, the acid will begin to spread by the structures of your world in many different fronts, and there will be - as is already happening - a desperate attempt to hide it from the general population. This will not last long.
Those who come into denial when the evidence is present for all to see are missing the train of universal history, to the extent that this attempt is unique throughout the history of creation. When I made my proposal to create, approved by Havona, I did not realise how far we would go in the evolution of my universe to take place. The learning was to all of us, AS ONE, but what was enriched with it was the whole Creation. Great rewards come with great sacrifice, as you say.
The country of North America, the most belligerent country in the world, is our focus right now, but our troops are not only placed there. They are scattered all over the world waiting to play our tactical missions that unfold the Divine Plan, which has taken place as planned so far. Other countries that made the choir with the United States by the seat of power will also be our target, because it is these 20 percent of world countries that concentrate 80 percent of all your problems. These will have fast and accurate outcomes.
Your country should be alerted, including its armed forces, that the Army of Heaven is on the ground, but there is no need to worry because my troop brings with it my seal. The seal of Christ Michael and your Divine Plan on Earth. Contrary to what many think, the troops of the air have a different kind of act that you are accustomed to on Earth. By that I mean that no Earthly tactics that could possibly fight us. We maintain our offer of unconditional surrender to the Forces of Light, my Light. For the fall of darkness will be smoother, but certain.
You inhabit a country blessed with immense natural wealth and cultural diversity that few in the world enjoy, whose role in the future is assured as a storehouse of not only food, but of beings and ideas important to the rebuilding of the new civilisation of Earth. Nevertheless, today this country is largely dominated by the forces of darkness. Those who are subservient to the great 'powers that be' of your world, sell themselves at any price for their own benefit and for the few they represent. They also committed crimes against humanity, misled the people and have increasingly tried to enslave the individual liberties of people in favour of the gang who wants - unsuccessfully - to remain in power.
Those 20 percent of the most aggressive on this planet will be removed very easily, because these are children unbalanced and poorly educated, they will receive the divine correction they deserve. If they had the vaguest idea of what awaits them, they would think twice before continuing to deceive its people. Everything will come to a close soon, so that for the time to come the best thing to do is focus on the transmission of our messages, be ready for possible evacuation, focused and firm in your determination to serve the cause. My mantle will protect you, and landed troops under my command as well.
We will not make our appearance occur now. With this integration in the new, I mean the minimisation of certain difficulties, although a degree is crucial for humans to learn the lesson about the mistakes they made to surrender their power and to omit in favour of worldly pleasures and material. However, our plans are mobile and can adapt quickly to prevent any attempts to attack from the Dark, our trenches penetrate deeply into the ranks of the Dark and there is not one step they can try that we do not know about and prevent.
The universal calendar now puts us under pressure for us to follow a pace faster than we normally would do. This is because we postponed our plans to try to awake more humans, but sleep is too deep, and we no longer have time. Those who decided to take the long way on the road will do so. So be it.
Our future activities will focus on eliminate by suffocation these structures that should give way to structures of light, because the human learning process is most important. Then come the difficulties that you need to pass as a mandatory graduation in this evolutionary process, so our appearance still can not occur.
The geophysical events occur in parallel with the political process, social and economic development. These events, which increase in magnitude and frequency, may bring some contingencies for some countries, joining others that already occur in some places. Evacuations occur in these places as needed. The list of missing will prove the fact. The removal of others to their new address also increases the list of missing persons.
Our troops, while writing this post, are now finally acting to thwart the attempts of the dark in creating artificial natural disasters in large geological fault locations. Those who engaged in these tasks have definitively sealed their fate in this process.
The economy in crisis from a European country is just the tip of the iceberg for the collapse of the economy on that side of the world who collaborate to bring the rest of the global economy with it. Politically, a country in North America will suffer a concussion in your foundations called 'democratic' with the discovery of an illegitimate leader for the position. The Revolt of Mother Earth against the reckless exploitation of your bowels is another factor catalyst of my plan. The lack of responses from institutions will cause social imbalance to the point of revolt, as we are experiencing in Greece.
Internal resources of your country and the strength of your society will help to minimise this overwhelming process, but we need much more waking up about the reality of my Divine Plan and its schedule and without further delay, so that together, one taking care of another individual, can go through all these experiences more smoothly. This is already happening with recent major floods occurring in various places in your country. The solidarity of its people and the resilience demonstrated can be very important in the near future. In the event of disruption in the supply chain due to geological occurrences, any piece of fertile land may kill the hunger of many, since used in a cooperative and sustainable way. Mother will not allow deforestation and attacks against her anymore.
Another important feature arising from the floods that occurred recently is the lack of commitment from your dark leaders with something other than their pockets and privileges. The population begins to question this, and begin to wonder why they are paying taxes. This is just a sign of old structures that need to die to make way for Light, dear. Few ever should have the right to control a lot of people again.
Jupiter still should not appear, although we need to use your sun screen to "transform" the energy coming from the source for the acceleration of the various radiation entering the planet. We should accelerate coronal mass ejections to some extent, where we will monitor the exposure of Jupiter so the acceleration of energy does not cause sudden change in Earth axis, but in an orderly manner.
All these events are occurring simultaneously, because it is part of the Divine Plan. Many diseases must be removed on many different fronts, but all at once. Those of you who cannot follow the flow of events, may find themselves suddenly completely lost.
The awakening of many will occur abruptly now, because instead of having had a gentle awakening, with time and lots of love, they unfortunately will receive a bucket of ice water to wake up quickly. There are rights and obligations arising from free will, the greatest power of my universe. Those lightworkers who know people with severe disabilities graduate mentally to help the best way possible for these beings, because they'll need help.
This was your case, dear. When choosing your adventures of conscience in this world of illusions, while you has acquired a range of tools that will be very useful in times to come, also postponed its entry into its true role in this plan. So as I asked the first channelling, there would NOT be time for a mild weather training.
And here you are, writing words that do not even pass through your head, suffering a great deal of pressure on your crown chakra to seed space to the Fleet manifest. I give room now for another being that is accompanying me to make your lecture. Know that, although late, your choice to participate in the ascension process is a continuation of your soul contract in this plan and put you in a position to fulfill your role within my Divine Plan. Welcome.
Aton, your Father, out.
S333: Beloved, I come on behalf of your Father congratulating you on joining the team. The incisive way I transmit my messages is due to the need to maintain pressure on the darkness, whose fate is already sealed. The message I sent in the past about corrupt channellers and translators was because in your own country there are those who deliberately alter the contents of the messages to give little or no clear trends on the subject addressed in the message, or perform a poor translation, or copy without giving credit for the work of those who strive to bring to light information to the people of Earth. And you needed to be confronted with your choice at that moment, a form of selection of the tares and wheat.
At this crucial juncture, it is necessary that all telepaths are available as much as possible, because we need to give messages at any time. The great pressure you felt today was due to our physical proximity. We are on your soil for [removing] the darkness of this planet once and for all and nothing will stop us. Any attempts of darkness to attack what is ours will suffer the ultimate sanction, the same chosen by Lucifer when he was confronted with the Rebellion's consequences inside of Christ Michael's universe.
You already know who I am inside the Universal Hierarchy, but the secret is something that can only be revealed in due course, when the Dark have been deleted forever. We were together in some of the battles in other star systems millions of years ago. And we'll be together in this final chapter to Mother Earth, who rejoices with your participation in this event.
S: We're talking about the Orion Wars?
S333: Not only this, but prior to this also, and whose stories are lost in the mists of time. We have a task to perform much less bloody than these, but equally important to the successful outcome of the Divine Plan of Christ Michael. The energy codes from these battles was preserved in your being so that the tools acquired at that time were working to assist humanity to overcome their fears when they face the unknown.
We are very close to what you would call 'unknown', and that's where it will come largely with fears. The 'unknown' derives from its deconstruction of the old archaic structures of power and money. Your society has forgotten how to live without power and money, because it is based on them so that the relative positions of some over others exists, superior and inferior beings. What hypocrisy! What will this hypocrisy be when ALL are levelled by their bases? The characteristics of your country, cultural and social flexibility could bring an important example for the world, but time will tell, and will be put to the test.
The spacecraft you know as "Aruanda", part of our Starfleet, seeded many of your guardians for your protection and your families in times to come. Those who you had close contact with send you all their love and devotion to the mission that you had engaged, and the fact that you chose a different path than when they initiated contact with you was only one step in your spiritual growth. All are in place and ready for action with a sigh and prayer away. All willing to walk hand in hand with you to victory.
Darkness is advised! We begin our manoeuvres to get back what is ours, and what gives us the Divine Decree will be fulfilled before they can move any piece on the board, which is already frozen.
I AM S333, and put my stamp on these words.
(May 16, 2010) ESU THROUGH RUBENS: (Rubens Meets Esu, plus a Bit of Update)
I am here to discuss the matter of the involvement of certain troops on the ground; most of our boots on the ground are progressing at a very satisfying pace despite the insignificant attempts at trying to deter their advancement. Failure is not at all an option, and we will execute the plan to the teeth and we are certain of our success in doing just that. The minions of the dark ones are not learning as efficiently as they had hoped, facing us, an insurmountable obstacle for them, against which they have absolutely no chance as was mentioned already.

I suggest to the bankers and the other financial institutions to capitulate as fast as is possible because we are not here to play another set of games with them since that has been over for a little while now. We are marching onward at great velocity and force, your only opportunity is to turn around and join us or be crushed under our boots.

Rubens: Could you be a little more specific?

Esu: I understand your reluctance in this aspect and you should not worry about your being questioned about your abilities as I have told you. Concentrate on the ball, that is transcribing what you receive in your mind, since you have been doing it properly and cannot be doing anything else, but get better. You are not going to experience any transmissions from the dark into your brain since you do know the difference and would not for one second believe their pitiful radio transmission due to your great sensitivity to sound, which makes it intolerable and unacceptable for you. Again dear one, focus positively on what you know how to do. Leave the worries to us. I, Esu, promise that you will not be interfered with from any one.

Rubens: Thanks again, dear brother. I feel bad that you are taking time away from the message to reassure me?

Esu: You are a noble one dear, and it is quite normal for you to feel this way and I understand. Let us tackle the other matters then. As I was saying, we shall do what we came here to do, which is to dismantle all obstacles that were placed in front of all of you to assure complete control and dominion over you. As stated earlier, we have a deadline to work with, and we will comply with it with assurance and certainty in the success of our endeavours.

One of the assets that we will secure properly as well, is the mass media, so when the time is adequate, we can calmly and faithfully broadcast the most needed announcements so the people can awake as soon as is humanly possible. It is necessary that the populace of your world come to the understanding that they have been duped for too long, in order to be prepared to move ahead in the rebuilding of their societies. It took millennia to arrive at this point in your history and so will it take a considerable time, a few decades at minimum, for you to regain your own full sense of sovereign selves.

We are here to fulfill a destiny long awaited by many, and it is a shame that it had come to this particular scenario to finally release you from the shackles of slavery when it did not have to be in such a fashion. All of us are learning and benefiting from this long period of preparation, education, and now the fulfillment of it all. Great also are the blessings that ensued from all of it. What we have obtained from this will be part of many lessons, that many will take away with them and pass along in future universe careers. "It is all good" as your saying goes.

The churches, no matter what denomination it is, will have to come to grips with the totally different reality that they will be confronted with soon. Many will be shocked, and even deny that very reality facing them; others will go into a period of depression since all of their "point of reference", as you like to say, will be removed from them so suddenly, hence they will develop a sense of utter confusion. Some will come out of their depression and finally face the truth and undertake a long process of re-education, and others will just detach from such reality, unacceptable to them and face the consequences of such poor choice but, their's nonetheless. You, dear one, will have a major role to play in the midst of many churches and as you suspect, you are being prepared for it. Among those of your nation of birth, you have the
potential to become quite a well-known personality and we foresee great work ahead of you. There are many other things that we could tell you, but that would not be adequate and serve you well, should we do that. Any other questions?

Rubens: How does the emergence of other lands serve in the grand scheme of the plan?

Esu: New lands will offer many opportunities to those who will become landless and it will be quite difficult for those to rebuild their societies on a new soil, but they will have no other choices, and will eventually be able to function as they used to, even on a new land. There will be also wonderful opportunities offered to take advantage of, such as new types of construction on a virgin land, unpolluted air, fresh water, lots of beautiful and lush territories, many new types of devices provided by us, things of that sort.
This is Esu, your Planetary Prince, ad interim.

(May17, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH TANIA: (Update #5)
CM here. This is update #5. Our plans are going exceedingly well but many still don't want to cooperate. They don't seem to comprehend that they have no choice but to follow our plans. They are trying to stall something that is inevitable to occur. We are not here to play games with them but to get our plans in action. The bankers and the financial institutions are in ruins and still they try to maintain their power. This situation will not last long as their power is no longer in their hands.
We have arrived here to implement great changes and they know it. You dark ones must stop now, as you don't have anywhere to run or hide. This is my time now to decide the next steps so my people may realise the prison they have been subjected all this time.
I guarantee you that people will know. Yes they will. Some will react with fear and anger, others with ultimate surprise as they would never imagine the amount of huge corruption upon the globe.
This is it folks, I came to regain the power of my planet and if you stand in our way be prepared to be removed. This is how things are right now. Whether you comply to our plans or you are forcibly removed out of our way. There is no more time for your silly games. The games are over. For a very long time you have been warned by us and now that we are here you don't want to lose your place. Cease and desist now because this time there is going to be no more warnings, this is action time now.
Time is up for you dark ones and I no longer am going to put up with your silly and pathetic games. You're like little children that when their parents tell them that the play is over you cry and kick in opposition. If you continue with this you'll stay grounded for good. You have been warned again and again, you can't complain.
In the coming days we are taking your media when the time is right. Be ready, as people will know everything. They will see that the world they have been living in is much more different from what they have been told. People will see the truth behind all lies.
I place my seal in these words. Christ Michael.
(May 17, 2010) CHRIST MICHAEL THROUGH HAZEL: (Update #6)
Well, since the last message there has been a major breakthrough. We have got into their minds and some have defected to our side. This is a great victory for us and we proceed expeditiously now. I do not wish to utilise the option of removing these dark factions as of yet for I want them to be accountable to me and to the public at large.
Whilst this message is being given there has been some inroad in the governmental sectors. No news as yet here but watch this space as there should be something to report soon. We have a special plan for tackling these ones. It will be interesting to witness.
There are imminent geophysical movements to occur in expected areas so please be on guard. This is going to cause inconvenience and loss of life. I ask that you understand the bigger picture we made you aware of months ago. The Mother is going to make a big turn and this will as a matter of course affect many. The volcano in Iceland continues to spurt and this is not going to stop anytime soon. It is going to affect the airline industry and the economy as a whole. The population is becoming more and more disgruntled and this is going to be exacerbated by what we plan to execute, which will have disturbing and upsetting ramifications for all.
It is not at all pleasant for me to walk amongst the dark but they too are of me and I am efforting to send them light in more direct ways but some are too far gone. It is a very disappointing situation. I am however most delighted to be so
close to my many children of the light who are enlightened. If you think I am close by, know that I am.
I expect that there will be some developments to report later on but for now know that all is progressing well enough, only with slight hiccups, for which we have the remedy. You will start seeing results very soon so please do not think we are a fiction of your imagination. We are real and we are here. We are creating the foundation which will serve us well when we start to pull the various strings which will lead to the ultimate fall of the dark and collapse all that is duly expired.
Please know dear ones that whatever light surrounds your dark world must be dimmed before it can blaze again from the ashes to burn in the glory of the Phoenix. Expect events and results to be culminating and sequential. For when they do occur you will know that the trajectory has changed.
I am Christ Michael Aton and I give approval to these my words.
(May 17, 2010) S333 THROUGH HAZEL: (Update #7)
Since your last message today there have been remarkable developments in the banking arena. They have finally realised that fighting us will yield no success for them. There are still those who are resistant but we are managing slowly to break the ice through the ones most needed to further our plan. Any day now we expect there to be specific announcements. I am not able at this time to say more on this but I ask that you listen to the various media which carry information,
The protagonists behind the banking carnage remains stuck in their resolve. We however are not deterred for there are other means at our disposal to open the door needed. There is no one key here. There are going to be devastating consequences for the global economy as the truth seeps out. The dark ones are now shivering with the knowledge of what is before them. They know that they have lost but many will not give up without a last fight. We however will thwart every effort on their part to bring premature destruction. They will go down on their own. They will not take the Father's children with them.
There are a lot of hiccups taking place at the moment so don't be fooled by the relative quietness which seemingly pervade your world. There are shortly to be cataclysmic renditions from the political, financial and general economic spheres not to mention the Earth changes that will complement them all. You see we have a most perfect plan which is unfolding naturally and just as we desire it to. This is a time for you of the light to allow the light of your faith to shine so that you can see beyond today and tomorrow and know that our words are effectual and will manifest in positive results for the greatest good of all. These are not just words. These are reminders to you of what we have promised.
This is the rod of hope I extend to you this day that you may know we are here, we are working and we are going to render to you a world that is new when the infestation of darkness is obliterated.
We have established ourselves within your military and we have made substantial inroads in the financial institutions. Our work is not yet done here however. The political departments are the ones that we are next going to target with gusto. We have already sent in some moles and prepare for greater infiltration shortly.
There is an intensity of solar energy manifesting itself on Earth at the moment which will have diverse effects on all things. There is going to be restlessness amongst the people, geophysical upsets and movements and continued general aberrations with your weather patterns. Many will feel as if there lives are "topsy turvy". There is going to be a speed up of events in all areas as we tie those threads together leading to the grand finale.
I assure you that victory is around the corner, literally. You will never again distrust the word of God and his helpers. This will be a veritable lesson to you of how important your word is. It will be a great teaching of how faith and knowing works. You shall have your proof and you shall know that your Father God is supreme and his word is the seal from the Source of All.
I am S333 and I too now walk amongst you. It will be my pleasure to be able, with the Father, to soon hand back to you your world anew.
My seal I place on these words and thank this child for taking this message this day which makes it two now.
Peace is not merely a distant goal that we seek, but a means by which we arrive at that goal.
- Martin Luther King Jr
May 17, 2010) S333 THROUGH LUCIA G: (Warning - A Call to Humanity to Wake Up)
L: It is 5:57 am, I got out of my bed, I feel that someone wants to talk to me. I am ready and waiting... the name S333 comes to my mind, but it is hard to believe...

S333: You are practically refusing to receive me, even though you are ready to write... You are thinking, at this moment, that there is no reason for me to communicate with you, but that is for me to decide. All of you receiving us, have missions well defined, though you don't remember yet. And my mission now is to initiate all these communications, opening channels, or means which allow us to manifest.
In your case, I know you have lots of questions on whether the TR's are pure or the translations done are trustworthy. Lucia, we know everything and everybody, don't worry, because everyone and everything will be in the right place. Each one will be receiving the messages needed to actuate in your areas. As you heard yesterday, the moment is NOW. No time for doubts! Work with your consciousness and prepare your energy, vibration, and light. This will make it possible for you to work with us. I have always come with harsh words and warnings to the dark ones. But it is not always that I need to give this kind of information. Today I want you to post this message on the web, it will be a different type of warning.

The warning to humanity is:

We are here like soldiers of light and we will conquer the sovereignty of this world. Continue working on your consciousness and light. We need all of you awaken and operative. If it is not this way, who will take care of Earth? Who is going to make it possible for her to grow and continue her way to ascension?
We don't need or want human beings to act like babies, not taking their own spiritual growth in their own hands. We are higher beings working as soldiers of the light. A kind of work that many of you don't understand. But you will, with our arrival and interventions. We are not here to intimidate with our presence, otherwise we would be showing ourselves to all humanity. By the contrary, we are infiltrated in every area that needs immediate intervention.
On this planet, where many are still asleep, things will be torn down, turned into dust, so you with our help, will reconstruct it all. Don't think that a perfect world would be given to you after Stasis! Those who accepted to stay, will work hard to conclude the construction of a world to be built on the basis of Divine Law. We are always talking about the time of sorting the wheat from the chaff. The strongest spirits, those who work their light, these are the chosen ones.
Wake up humanity! This is the call to all of you to start working and this work starts with the awakening of your consciousness! No illusions, there is no victory without sweat, there is no prize without hard training and firm intention to win.
We won't be able to carry all of you on our backs, you know that. You will have to do your own work of spiritual growth. This is what we expect. We need you awaken NOW. Thanks Lucia for being open to receive this message.