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Bushes arrested by
Provost Marshall?

September 24, 2007

The national couriers/carriers which were to deliver today turned the packs (NESARA money packs) over to GW as ordered by him. Deliveries have been blocked.

The war continues and has reached its Zenith this morning.

The banks are foreclosing on all Bush properties, both Jr. and Senior, also Q and others. Some "notices" already served.

GW had five trades blocked Sunday, three more today and now says " unless ALL my trades are allowed to go through I will burn the packages"

I will not resign and nothing you can do.

The World Bank says "your illegal trading of other peoples money is over, no trades will be allowed-period.

Sorry to have to bring you this news. All we can do is observe the secret world financial war and report developments as they occur which we will do.

2nd update

This afternoon all countries in the world were notified of GW's actions and his threats. Their reaction has been immediate, severe and consistant.

GW has been warned that if he touches a single pack he will spend the rest of his life in prison. ALL supreme court judges have recieved a similar warning and the corrupt Wld Court judges who have backed the ATTEMPTED trades have had their countries of origin notified that they will be embargoed by all other countries if any of them assist GW in any way.

Our side, led by the World Bank, is working to retrieve the packages now.
More when available.

3rd update today

After failing to get his trading demands met today GW changed tatics this afternoon demanding the "unfreezing" of his and the other bad guys accounts which includes congressmen and many others. This was denied as the World Bank and allies continue to play hardball. The almost in "real time" worldwide exposure of their threats and demands caused quite a firestorm up there late today as calls poured in from around the world. One particularly comical result was the Queen going bananas demanding to know who and how her personal foreclosure secrets could be all over the internet in Europe. She is supposedly throwing things. Today's "Exposure DECISIONS" of this magnitude, in real time, are not made by your friendly ghost but by those who are helping to bring every possible pressure to bear at the right time, which is this time. The bad guys are truly desperate and can't seem to decide what to do. This morning the Commies were threatening to close B.A. private banking, this afternoon they have changed their mind. B.A. and W.F. retail are reported to be down the drain regardless. I am sure this blow by blow stuff is hard to grasp especially if you don't have a program. Think of it as the all time greatest heavyweight fight in history. It's the 11th round of the 12 round fight and you are watching and listening to the announcer bringing you the blow by blow as best he can. Action-reaction. Punch-counter punch. Blackhats-Whitehats.

Many times we have cautioned "we don't know everything". It's still true even if we do have better ringside seats than most. Goodness knows what deceptions are going on in addition to those we are mentioning.

GW was given until 8p.m. tonight to turn over the packages. He didn't and the Provost Marshall is in his office right now along with Jr., Sr., Cheney and Paulson. Arrest warrants for each of them have been issued . We learned this a few hours ago and bingo-there sits the Provost at 10 p.m. The warrants are being served and they are under house arrest.

DING ! DING! And there's the bell fight fans. That's the end of the 11th round.

It's Bush against the world and his motivations are purely selfish. He is not going to win. The only issue is whether it will be a knockout in the 12th or whether the world wins by decision.


The packages which had been retrieved from the BE.A. vault Saturday and turned over to UPS for positioning Sunday for delivery today were put into sealed duffle type bags by our side, and delivered to the OVAL OFFICE by UPS Sunday. Imagine that. OUR packages piled up in the OVAL OFFICE today. Late today the head of Carlyle, while in the oval office, reached into a bag and pulled out a package and what oh what did he find ?? You guessed it. Crap !!!! False packages !!!! HAHA. The predator becomes the prey. Can't you just see it. It must have been priceless. And for DESERT ???? The PROVOST MARSHALL !!!!! Oh my oh my oh my.

casper 9-24-07