Bush has ordered the murders of


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TO: All Federal Whistleblower, Former and Current Intelligence Operatives

George Bush has ordered the Murders of Whistleblowers, therefore take necessary precautions, Watch your back. Intelligence sources have confirmed that there are Israeli Mossad Hit Teams in the United States to assassinate Whistleblower & former and current Intelligence operatives.

This is planned for this week----weekend. George Bush has ordered these Murders, to silence those who oppose his Fascist Nazi Regime Police State, (New World Order) and those who are exposing him, and his fathers Crimes against America. Those who have to be concerned are, Whistleblowers who know too much, who have internet sites, books, with real truths of "The Bush Crime Family's" illegal activities, of previous Murders, Frauds and theft against the United States Government, Narcotics for weapons operations, and Treason & Sedition against The United States of America, In Violations of United States Laws.

I am asking Patriotic Concern Americans to please pass this far and wide to inform all those I may not reached, Whistleblowers, Ex CIA, Radio Talk Show Hosts and Media.

Many in the Media & Talk Show Hosts should have concern, your name may be on the HIT LIST as well. There is also a high probability of mass illegal arrests. Bush's intention is to silence all those, who he feels could hurt him with the truth, the Bush Regime is acting similar to Adolph Hitler. It is time we unite as Americans, to legally remove George Bush from Office and his Regime under United States Laws. George W. Bush and "The Bush Crime Family" can be Indicted, for Treason, Sedition, and Economic Plunder. The intent of this notice is not to instill fear, but to warn others of the possibilities this is real.

Time to crank up the HEAT on George Bush, with your friends in the Press, and within Government. Remember Bush is out of Control. Once again please pass this far and wide, as a precaution to ALL. Maybe all of us, can save some lives. Please Pray against this, Ask The Lord to stop it and expose it. Thank You