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Human bodies being modified

Aug 23 2009 Posting by John Smallman

Your human bodies are being modified...

As the weeks pass, leading up to the 'Big Event' for which you have all been waiting, keep praying, meditating, and holding the Light. Your involvement and focus are an essential part of the preparations that will bring this stage of the divine plan for humanity to completion.
Without the efforts you are all making and the intentions that you are all holding so diligently, this plan could not accomplish its ends because it has been designed for the joy of humanity, to be carried out by humanity.
No doubt this seems strange when you observe the pain and suffering that men have been imposing on each other for so long. However the whole point of the plan has been to show men that violence and confrontation can never resolve the problems and issues that appear to drive them apart. When they finally realize this, as they very shortly will, the love that has been enveloping the planet and beginning to impact the anguish of humanity will suddenly start to flow with great intensity through every one of you, bringing light and enlightenment to every situation and relationship.
It will be rather like the re-establishment of electrical power in a grid system that has been shut down for an very long period of time, while major renovation, modification, and modernization was carried out. Suddenly there will be brilliant light everywhere in an instant.
You are all having your human bodies modified so that you can accept, conduct, and use the divine energy that is about to be turned on. The vitality, excitement, and elation you will experience the instant it is switched on will astonish and delight you. It cannot be described in words, and to attempt to do so would be frustrating and misleading.
The moment for which you have all been yearning is almost upon you. Suddenly, without warning, this divine energy current will start to flow through each of you with power and intensity, and once more you will know that you are truly alive ñ alive like you have never been! And then you will remember, ìThis is who I am ñ divine Light, divine Love, divine energy, of infinite power ñ blissfully alive in every moment ñ always!î And so it is!
With so very much love, Saul.

8-15-09 Posting by John Smallman

Why would you sleep when you could be fully and exhilaratingly awake?

Dawn is about to break and awaken countless sleeping souls into the brilliant light of eternal day. Not one of many days, as has been your experience for so long, but the eternal, timeless, everlasting day which is Reality, God's Reality. You have been waiting longingly for this to happen, your prayers have been answered, and the early predawn light is allowing you to see Reality emerging from behind the dark clouds of night that you had created to protect you and hide you from your Father, Whom you had convinced yourselves you had sorely offended.

To do that is impossible. He is infinite perfection and unconditional love. He knows nothing of offense, insult, betrayal or attack, because such behavior does not exist. God is Reality, All That Exists, Love. What you have chosen to build and believe in ñ fear, anger, pain, suffering, injury, insult, attack, defense, deceit, and betrayal ñ are all figments and wraiths of your own imagining, which you use to frighten others against whom you are unnecessarily defending yourselves. You have built and continue to maintain this horrendous illusion to protect you from . . . absolutely nothing!

It is indeed time to awaken. The illusory dream reality in which you have immersed yourselves with such terrifying results for so long and even one moment is far too long is on the verge of dissolving. The dark and threatening clouds of night are starting to drift away, to float out of sight with the dream that contains them into the abyss of non-existence whence they came.

And so you will awaken. That is a Divine Certainty. You have all overslept and are now beginning to stir, and your dreams are fading in preparation for your awakening. When that happens you will have no ghastly, painful memories at all, as you enter the unimaginable infinite brilliance of God's eternal Presence, where for so long you have been deeply and unnecessarily asleep.

Why would you sleep when you could be fully and exhilaratingly awake? It is because you chose to play with concepts and ideas that are totally alien to the infinite unconditional love that is the experience of existence in Oneness with your Heavenly Father.

And what were these concepts? Hate, fear, anger, abandonment, attack, defense, and survival. All are non-existent figments of your collective imagination. You decided to play with these illusory ideas, and then built an imaginary reality to contain them. And that reality expanded as you played, becoming apparently more and more real, until you became lost in your fantasy and could not find your way out.

Then you started to believe in it seriously! A sense of abandonment and the possibility of non-existence, and death, filled your minds and you began to fight for your survival. It was analogous to a non-swimmer who is drowning. She kicks and struggles, flailing her arms in panic, and seems to attack anyone who attempts to help her. To continue with that example, not only can you all swim, you are in fact expert swimmers, but you are also wearing life jackets, there are no sharks in the water, and the rescue boat is right beside you! It truly is an incredibly vivid nightmare from which you are about to awaken most joyfully.

With so very much love, Saul.