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Behind the collapse
of the Republic

Since I  cannot address every facet and treasonous act, this abomination of a Federal government is guilty of, please forward this correspondence to the decision makers, whoever they may be. Make no mistake about my intent or purpose, I am exposing  your crimes to the “state citizens” of the Republic of the United States of America. Forgive me, for being so vague, I am very aware of whom your decision makers are, and the extortion that has been planned for centuries. The group of elitist that comprises your “private country club” of venomous intentions and satan like actions are well known to me, and my “state citizens.”  There is a reason Gentleman, for my “trumpet call” at this late stage of the game, to exposing your cruel secret(s).  So much of your well earned money, from successful business dealings, had to be invested in  the”disinformation  of the day”, the respectful mainstream media. But Gentleman, the truth is your business dealings have been successful, but not noble at all, have they?  The  well calculated tool of  propaganda, and misinformation can never hide your crimes, did you think they would?  I have been privy to some of the well known families that are members of this exclusive “country club.”   It must be a coincidence  that the same family names emerge in every industry, don’t you think?  There always is a code of brotherhood or unmentionable topics that men of power do not even think of  bringing up, in regards to these elite families.  Are you thinking about terminating the messenger before he completes his correspondence? Don’t be silly, I am just a small time writer, trying to make a living, there is nothing to worry about, gentleman. Just between the heavy weights at the Country Club and myself, the same families who engineered the drug trade(British Opium Policy)in the 18th century, slave trade also controlled the offshore international banking operations, very interesting, don’t you think?  This “Country Club” is also referred to as the old “British East India Company” or as Dr. John Coleman refers to it as “The Committee of 300.”  Some of the Banking families that I referred to earlier as the decision makers are : Rothschild, Warburg, Japhet( Bank of Leumi and Barclay’s Bank), R.J Dent( Board of Directors for the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank- now called HSBC- Financier to the Opium Trade), Lord Palmerston , one of the founders of the Opium dynasty, and the Barings family, who founded the Peninsula and Orient (P&O) steam navigation company, that carried the opium to China.  Last but not least is a name that all of the readers should recognize, but also hold in deep disdain . John Jacob Astor, was allowed to participate in the China Opium trade, because he was a British Intelligence Operative in the U.S. Astor funded  Aaron Burr, murderer of Alexander Hamilton. Now how would these unscrupulous and repulsive families of British ancestry be intertwined in the collapse of the U.S Republic?  The most sinister of international bankers, the Rothschild family, with a net worth of $100 Trillion, pointed out that the general public does not understand how banks make money against the public interest. The great social and political weakness of the people are “ignorance of coin, credit and circulation!”  Brilliant observation Sir Rothschild, as long as all the Lords and Ladies that surround the “opium soaked throne of the Queen, utilize their “drug profits” as endowments to major Universities, the teaching of “bi-metallism” will be left out of the classrooms.  Ladies and Gentlemen if my exposure of the “crime” perpetrated against our state citizens goes no further, and it will in future writings, one of the most significant aspects has been left out of our classrooms. The teaching of “bi-metallism” a dual, gold and silver standard, has been wiped out of existence from  the education that is inherent to our children’s advancement. That is why Sir Rothschild, the thief of thieves, is telling everyone, “the general public has no clue, how banks make money(steal money) from the public interest.


                                                   George Karavelis