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Australian Corruption

It might come as a surprise to many people but Australia is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Politicians wax fat with illegal perks provided by the ruling elite. While the average citizen remains ignorant to what is taking place, the alert observer can build a case against the institution of ‘party politics’.
Australians are victims of a Criminal Conspiracy
Once more the Australian family is being put to the sword. The Rothschilds Group of Bankers, who own the ‘Zionist Banking Manipulators.’ (As they do every other Zionist Banking Manipulators Bank in every country in the Western World ) are going to up interest rates until people paying off mortgages are driven to the wall.
The men of straw who run the Australian economy(?) for the Rothschilds don’t care that usurious interest rates make it impossible for Australian marriage spouses to live together as a family.
For the last fifty-three years (when Ben Chifley died ) successive malpracticing Governments have stolen Home Ownership not only from the lower class but from the middle class. Circa 1986, a hike of interest rates to 17.5 per cent by Hawke ~Keating ~ Dawkins and Button saw many farmers kill their families before turning the gun on themselves ~ having lost the family farm which had been theirs for generations.
Some two million families have disintegrated since1972. Political Parties are made up of every type of bluebeard.
A ‘blue’ card is not necessary so we get paedophiles, lesbians and opportunists who delight in destroying families as it makes it easier to get at the children. (Take a lookat Queensland’s ‘foster’ families record )
We get people who receive $1 million after three terms and still ask poorer people for donations to pay their court costs! It is quite simple, as the record speaks for itself, we get arsehole after arsehole. The politicians who manage Australia for the Rothschild-‘Illuminati’ have destroyed some 2 million families by encouraging them to ‘invest’ in nefarious schemes then commence to bleed them dry.
It shouldbe noted here that a hike in interest rates does not affect politicians,bureaucrats and bank staff. In our Australian ‘democracy’ some are more equal than others. Also, I have noted before, all politicians own rental property and have a constant need for tenants.
They have a sound interest in making sure home borrowers go broke.
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