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You Create Your Aura
An Aura Camera is regularly operated in Tasmania, Australia by Nick Armstrong and Jason Betts. An Aura Camera stand is operated at most of the Mind Body Spirit Expos and the Psychic Expos that are run approx. every two months in Tasmania. When we take an aura photo for a client, included in package is- a full colour aura photo, a computer printed analysis of the colours present, a colour chart of colour meanings (as below) and a personal reading by a trained operator. We find the camera doers not lie, nor is it judgemental. If you are sick or taking drugs it usually shows up, as do the colours for a healthy or highly spiritual aura

.Please contact us if you need more info. or wish to make a private booking.

Nick Armstrong (ph. 04 1988-2012, 03 62788422, email:
Jason Betts (ph. 03 6224 9291 email: