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Lee Crock (inventor) has stated that God revealed to him how the body works, why it breaks down and how to fix it. New medical research claims that all living cells are electro-magnetic (rather than chemical) in nature and that all our cells are negatively charged. Since everything within the cells are also negatively charged, a positively charged external field attracts negative charge to it and thus pulls out all matter (toxins) which is lodged within it but are foreign to the cell. This debris is dumped into the blood which is filtered by the kidneys and then into the urine (& eslewhere). When this charged external field (the metal screens) changes polarity to negative the cells will once again be filled with negative charge - life force energy. The metal screen, together with the connected bank of batteries, is simply a “gating” device of this life force energy.

The original patent is slightly different from the current machines being sold. As you can see in the diagram, it shows two screens with the body sandwiched between them. It has now been found unnecessary to use two screens since the body serves as a ‘floating ground’ for whichever polarity is in effect during a given 15 minute interval. Meaning one screen has either positive OR negative applied to it and the body acts as the ground for whichever is in effect at the moment. The one wirescreen is all that is necessary to couple with the body field and serve to complete the ‘circuit.’

One schooled in formal electronics would think this can’t possibly work or do anything useful unless it has a current path. How can a single wirescreen that doesn’t even have to make contact with the body POSSIBLY do anything to help heal the body? How can there be a circuit path between this screen and the body? The inventer originally thought it was the aura and has taken photographs with a very expensive aura camera which shows the aura changing brightness and colors after exposure to his machine. That is why he called it ‘Aura Therapy’, thinking the screen somehow couples with the aura of the body to add energy. It turns out there is an interesting effect called electro-poration, where the cells can be made to expand or contract depending on the polarity of current applied to them. That is what I think is going on in a weak fashion with the machine, possibly occurring as part of a coupling to the aura, or what the Russians call the ‘Bio-Plasmic field’.

New information has been released recently on work done by the husband and wife team of D. James and Dorothy Morre’, who have worked on biological clocks since the 1960’s and recently found a 12 minute expansion and a 12 minute rest cycle associated with proteins and cells. This is remarkably close to the 15 minutes found by empirical observation as the optimum time between switching polarities for his machine.

A switching circuit set for 15 minute intervals alternates the polarity (negative or positive) sent to a wirescreen made of aluminum and available at any hardware store. This wirescreen was held on or near the part of the body to be ‘treated’ though it appears to produce effects as long as it is held within about 6 inches of the body, thereby reinforcing the idea there might be some unknown aura coupling effect.

It is my opinion that the aura of the body produces lines of force which actually ‘write’ the pattern of the aura into the physical matrix of the body. The aura, I believe, changes very slowly and is amenable to ‘sustained’ thought, meaning you can reprogram your aura with concentration and repetition.

• The machines work well with alkaline, carbon or any mix of these types of batteries. The effect has been tested on both the 4.5vdc Energy Cleaner machine. You can use easily available Energizer, Duracell, etc. alkaline batteries with no problems.

• Because of the flushing of toxins/irritants believed to be induced by this machine, it is recommended you drink additional water.

• Results DECREASE with the age of the person, due to the more dynamic system functions in younger bodies. As we age, our bodies slow in their ability to heal rapidly so it might take longer to observe and experience effects based on your age.

• The Aura Therapy machine uses 10 D cell (flashlight/torch) batteries (alkaline OR carbon cells as above) - since there is no current path, battery life is easily 2-4 years, simple to check with a cheap voltmeter, it should read 4.5vdc or higher.

(+postage: 4Kg approx.). Both with new very durable metallised cloth "screens".

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