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Ascension of Earth (Part)

By Candace Frieze & Sananda Immanuel

This is the promised Ascension article, the conversation which occurred on Feb. 5. Many in the as-sorted organized religions believe in the end times, some sort of judgment of the soul, and that some will go to Heaven and some to Hell. Christians tend to believe in something called the "Rapture," where the 144, 000 and all the rest that follow Jesus will, somehow, find themselves in the clouds with Jesus when he returns. This is a misunderstanding, coming in part through the earth controllers, that invented this fantasy.

What is really going on is the Ascension of Earth back into heavenly status. This is not a sudden event. It has been occurring for a number of years, and the process will continue for quite some time after the Second Coming. Sananda (Jesus) made a number of comments, which will follow in their entirety below, in bold.

Previously, I mentioned the Photon Band, and that you are now in it for a period of about 2000 years. What is this photon band? It is a continuous light charge, pure photons of light that continuously come from the center of the Milky Way Galaxy.

The central sun of the Pleiades receives this light, as do all central suns of the various star systems. Every thing has an order. Every star system or grouping of stars has a central sun, around which all the suns in that system revolve. This is the macrocosm.

The microcosm is the atom, which has a center around which the electrons move. All the creation goes around something, as in the atom. At the center of Creation is the central universe,

Havona. At the center of Havona is the Paradise Isle. Only the Paradise Isle does not go around something. It is the center of all, where God resides, from which all energy flows, from which spirit and mind flow to creation.
Havona has about a million worlds that revolve around Paradise. This is the ultimate of your journey. When you make it to Havona and graduate its schools, you yourself will sit at the right hand of the Father, meaning you have sought God and found him and get a brief view of the massive energy that is God, and reside in this light.

Then, usually, you go back out into the Universes of time and space, and proceed to work there. I have not, yet quite, made it to that status, but I have journeyed high within our Univer-sity schools.

Your sun is part of the Pleiades, a system of about 150 suns, far larger than the 7 sisters that are easily viewable in the sky. The photon band is indeed a band or beam of photons that pass thru Alcyone, the central sun of the Pleiades. The photon band does not radiate in all directions, as do the normal rays of a sun.

This is by intention for the great process of evolution. Suns closer to Alcyone, that thus have a smaller orbit around Alcyone, are in the photon band more often, and as a result, are much more highly evolved than those further away. Earth is pretty far away. When you graduate from the Earth school, you normally are placed on a planet that is a higher grade in school, you might say.

It takes Earth about 26,000 years to journey around Alcyone. Alcyone, like most suns, has planets with life encircling it. It is much larger than Earth's sun. So to make a long story short here, everything goes around something, except the Paradise Isle. Alcyone journeys around the great central sun of the Milky Way galaxy, a journey of about 225 million years.
What is particular to this time of Earth being in the photon band, is that Alcyone at this time is also completing her journey around the great central galactic sun, and is experiencing great change through the whole system. There is greater detail than this, but this is enough for today’s meeting on that topic. Lets return to Earth and her Ascension.

The planet goes through these 26,000 year cycles, as a period of school, so to speak. If the planet and her students have done well, a graduation occurs. If not, the school repeats, some-times even a grade or more is lost.

There are 2 semesters in this period, since your solar system is in the belt twice in this time period. Usually the changes during the semester break are not as great as the end of the pe-riod. We are in the end of the period, hence the end times, and more major changes that occur.

Now, in fact, Earth did not do particularly well this last 26,000 years, and would, in fact, go back a grade, so poor was the progress. Had your space friends not intervened right after WWII, the planet would have rolled over and very little life would have survived.

Earth would need reseeding with life, including, most likely, new bodies for your evolutionary journey. This situation is pretty much the fault of your extremely poor teachers, those that fell from heaven, and those that took the planet through force and enslaved it.

Many of you are from other planets that faced destruction of one sort or another, not always but most often, from war. You, thus, needed a new planet, since the other one was unlivable. Note your asteroid belt, which was a planet once called Maldek. It was destroyed, as an act of war, and you can’t live on the rocks.

Many of you are from Mars and Venus, both of which experienced extreme problems. Venus rocked in her orbit, making quite a mess, from the stress upon her, which is what Earth was facing at this point. The good folks of Mars destroyed their atmosphere.
They had some underground facilities in which some were living, but the surface folks, be-cause this was a nuclear event, were, quite frankly, fried to a crisp. So, they needed a new home, too, after their souls were recovered and healed. Nuclear death causes severe soul damage, and sometimes will obliterate the soul entirely, from which there is no recovery.

Earth was heading this way again with her nuclear capability, and the planet desired to toss you off by rolling over. This is a different event than a magnetic poll shift, and much more serious, but it would preserve her. (My comment here: Earth has experienced nuclear bombing in the long distant past. The Dead Sea area has the remains of Sodom and Gomorrah, which were destroyed by a Plutonium bomb. There were other bombings during that era, some in India, if I recall correctly. Before the last time we were in the photon belt around 13000 years ago, Atlantis and Lemuria engaged in nuclear activities against each other.)

Earth is more than a bit tired of the constant abuse and disrespect. Your entire solar system is tired of it. It is a mess. You are allowed your free will, particularly in this particular Universe of Nebadon. However, there are many good folk on earth, held captive, and your prayers for release have been heard. Thus, we are here, as you do not deserve to be retarded further in your journey of seeking God, meaning becoming like God, because of the abuse of freewill by others. (Nebadon is the name of our Universe.)

So, the 144,000 and I came, those many years back to jump-start the process. It takes time. God does not wave a magic wand and all is well. As Sons of God you must make your changes, or in this case, participate in them.

It was necessary for this intervention because the BBB & G’s (Big Bad Boys & Girls) have greater power than you in terms of weaponry, making it most difficult for you to overcome. So you have been granted much assistance.

If you watched Star Trek, you learned that in general, you are not allowed to interfere in the evolution of planets that you discover. This is the law of noninterference. Some think that their freewill allows them to charge around, and do as they please, but in fact, having freewill means, that you must also respect the freewill of others.

To interfere requires a galactic order, from the spiritual hierarchy to do so. This was done, and so it is now on earth, so that those of you wishing to live the right way and continue your journey in peace, may do so. Enough is enough. So, we have come the second time in force, not as a war machine, but in liberation, with love. And I don’t mean in the same manner, as how you all liberated Iraq!

Yes, a bit of warfare well away from Earths immediate skies did occur. We came in with enough force to vanquish your intruders, but it was short. They soon decided to join the light, and become part of the solution instead of the problem.

They are indeed tired of the galactic warfare, and seek peace. This was helpful, as they know what they created here and shared it, and this has made it easier to understand and make inroads in earths many systems. There are many in the solar system that are not here to participate. They are simply watching and studying. You have no idea how grand an event this is. There are folks from other Universes here, and representatives from probably every system in the galaxy.

I am in charge of the teaching on Earth, and when my mission is successful, I will become your "Planetary Prince," your representative from the Universe. Planetary Princes are usually from the angelic realms, but I am fully human, and have worked hard on this goal for quite a long time. (Earth's previous Planetary Prince, was involved in the Lucifer rebellion and was essentially fired from the position.)

I love this planet and dedicated myself to its uplifting long ago. I was David, by the way, and many others in my journey. I think maybe, Candace, we will consider writing an autobiography of my long journey in time.
(I suggested this idea to him, to write of his experiences over his entire existence, so as to demonstrate what the journey to Godhood entails, giving you a better idea of eternity, and what it is you do. When I am able to acess my own memories in greater detail, I may do the same. I am one of those many, many millions here from other planets, and I have experienced 5 previous lifetimes on this Earth. This is number 6.)

So, back to the Ascension. Your prayers were heard. We came, starting around 3000 years ago to set it up. We worked from the inside to enlighten you and give you strength. At least 110 million, the counting is difficult, came from the stars and incarnated in these substandard bodies to show the way.

I am not by any means the only way shower. I was blessed, however, with the Christed energy, an actual visit to earth by the Christ, the Master Creator Son of Nebadon, and he is here again. My incarnation back then was a double incarnation of myself and the Christ in one body.

There are 700,000 and counting Universes, each with a Creator Son at its head. These great Sons of God are generally known as "Michaels." Nebadon’s Creator Son's name is Christ. I am human. I am NOT the Creator Son, and you all need to "get this." As I have said before, I am simply an elder brother, further on in my journey. Do not deify me. Ye are all Sons of God.

In order to take the planet back and restore you all to heavenly status, we had to work within. Your were at one time very long ago offered intervention, and in your fear you turned it down, much as today when you live in fear of being "done in", if you do not shut up and stand down. This planet is in the control of some very nasty people, indeed.

So, it was decided at that time to work within, providing education, and hope, and being way showers. Even that was not enough, but it did change one thing. You got brave enough to ask for intervention, and the Christ approved it. So we are here in force, the peace has been forged with the controllers of the planet.

All that stands in the way now are those incarnate, who are now without their puppet masters, standing alone and very scared, and making lots of stupid mistakes. Since they are not really very smart, and are without their puppet masters, they are doing much infighting for control of the planet, and are, thus, losing their power in strength of numbers.

Even the BBB &G’s know that rule "two or more in My Name" except that they don't serve God, but that is how they keep you controlled. You now know, at least many of you, that you have power, too. You just do not have the weapons to go against these guys. Your guns, that some of your groups have, will do nothing against beam weaponry, neutron bombs etc. They have no problem using nuclear weapons. They damage soul matter, and that is their desire to do so.

The Ascension means, that instead of moving backwards in school, you are being advanced a couple grades from third dimension to fifth dimension. Fifth dimension is "Heaven." Peace is the goal. War is gone. All are cherished and cared for, and when you get into at least upper 3rd and lower 4th dimension, you have space travel capability, and I don’t mean the rockets you currently use.

You have greater technology making life easier and better. Your advent of electricity and tools of living like washing machines, auto’s etc. greatly expanded your quality of life, as you entered into the higher levels of 3rd dimension. Many of you are now 4th dimension or above in your spirituality, and Earth, "technology wise", is also at that level.

We were sneaky with the technology. We had to dangle carrots before the BBB & G’s to get them to allow schooling. Many incarnate from the other worlds increased the technology. We aided them in this, but we were not successful in all of it.

The man Tesla that came, gave you the technology of free energy and much more, including antigravity travel. He studied the atmosphere and its electric potential. That is why you have the gird, but the grid as set up was not his dream. It was the dream of those in power, as it would generate wealth. Ditto, using oil for engines etc. They were so short sighted. Oil is for plastics and other uses, and not good at all for the environment, as you will know, especially if you live in a smoggy city.

These powerful people still live in the belief that they have dominion over the planet, and have the right to rape and pillage it. The statement in Genesis about dominion, means mankind was given to CARE for the planet, and live in harmony on its surface. Advanced planets usually leave the surface for enjoyment and the evolution of life, and live inside the planet. You will probably choose this one day.

So, Ascension means that you have been granted the Grace of God, and we are raising the energies of the planet and all of its life. We are repairing the planet, and the entire solar system. Please visit Sheldan Nidle Updates for some descriptions.
(The Niddle Updates ( are published every Tuesday. Our Sirian friends provide this information. They are getting mighty impatient about getting to land and begin there work, much of which involves healing the environment. Some of them will be involved in healing those stuck in our most atrocious prisons and mental health facilities. The Nidlereports are archived back to around 2002 on the site.)

I am not giving it all here. There are many sources available. It is your responsibility to educate your self, and seek answers where you can find them. That is why you have the Internet. The Internet was our way of working within and giving your another source of material, and another way to communicate

As many of you Ascend, your bodies will and are changing. Being in the Photon band greatly enables your body to change. You all have DNA that you are not using. It was disconnected to keep you enslaved long ago. The photon band and your efforts to become more compassionate, etc., will re-link the DNA. This DNA allows mental telepathy, and it allows communication with your guides and angels.

We have angels and guides that help us through our incarnations, and help keep us on track with our plans. We have great difficulty communicating with out guides with our DNA, such as it is. When you feel you are doing the will of God, this means that you chose what you do before the incarnation, and are in alignment with the choice. When you have a serendipity experience, you usually have just successfully heard from your guide.

Angels usually provide protection. Did you ever just miss having an accident, or have a lessor acci-dent, for example? This is your angels providing protection. A few years ago, I found myself quite suddenly driving down a sidewalk that had a high curb. Turns out, a car was about to severely rear end me. My angels put my car on the sidewalk. I did not feel myself hit the curb as my car was lifted on to the sidewalk. However, I soon noticed a pole coming at me and left the sidewalk. That I did feel, and it ruptured both tires on that side of the car. Back to Sananda
It allows communion with God, and this is why so many don’t really communicate with God. They can’t. That is one reason that so many, who are searching, go to these churches and praise the sky god. Your bodes currently use only 2 strands of DNA. You have the potential, in this type of body, of 12 strands of DNA.

More strands of DNA mean more light and less matter in the body. Your pregnancies will be-come shorter over time. If babies have less matter they grow faster. You will eat less food. You will not age as you do now. Life will be very long, allowing for much spiritual growth. This is what a light body is. It has less matter, and in due time, as you journey to becoming like God, you shall have no matter in your body and shall be entirely spirit.

When we get NESARA announced, and I make my Second Coming, we will be doing much greater work on the Earth instead of from the sky. We will be setting up schools, many through the existing churches to aid you in the bodily changes, that are required to reconnect this DNA. Many on earth have done so already, and await the chance to show the way.

Most newborns, now, already have improved DNA, either thru their parents changing to that point, or from parents that brought their own DNA from the stars. New children being born are also bringing DNA from the stars. They need it for their missions, just as I did long ago.

My comments again here: In a future article now under construction, Sananda explains his "virgin birth." He needed a high quality DNA for communication and to be able to carry forth his mission. Mary was artificially inseminated. This higher DNA caused the glow that he had.

This is one reason for "abduction," all though this is a freewill thing, and not abduction against your wishes. Some of you, who are parents, journeyed at night (were beamed up) to ships to get a little added DNA for your offspring, and you chose this in your subconscious.
Many of you have journeyed at night for special "treatment" to reconnect that DNA faster, as you were born into bodies minus this connection and you need it, to be Way Showers. This was not the same as abductions done by the little greys to collect genetic material for their use.

I, myself, have been beamed up many times, and have undergone reconnection of my DNA, which is why I am telepathic and able to do this writing in conjunction with Sananda. Beaming up is fun, and not to be feared, but since many would be afraid, plus if you knew and told everyone, the BBB & G's would be paying you a visit. So many are unaware of these trips, for their safety.

The entire Solar system is being repaired and restored to its former glory and natural condi-tion. The photons coming thru the sun, regenerate. Much of the global warming comes from this energy through the Sun. This is important for the changes required, and should not be feared. Earth will become warmer by intent. Her firmaments are being reinstalled.

Now, I say here, go to the website mentioned above for the details, as I don’t need to spend time here in repetition of that which is available. I need to go now. We have worked for an hour and a half, and I have duties to which I must attend. Have a good day, and Salu.

I will end this with a few more comments. Many of those, whose DNA is presently being restored, have some discomfort from the process. Especially, you will feel unwell often during the time of the big solar flares that are coming to earth. For example, a few weeks ago, following some flares, I had funny ear problems in which my ears were plugged, and I heard whining noises. I was off balance for a few days.

I have labeled the assorted symptoms of discomfort "Ascension Syndrome." Many with it feel like they have the flu much of the time. Brain fog is a common symptom. It is difficult to lose weight. Protein needs are higher, but you should use far less meat and more plant protein. I am off meat totally, and only use some organic cheese and butter. I make my own soy milk.

As you ascend, you do not choose to consume the highly abused animals in the food chain on Earth. In fact, my arthritis and aches and pains improved a great deal when I cut meat from my diet. The advanced bodies require top quality food, mostly vegetarian in nature. They do not do well on the junk food so prevalent in the American diet. Get off the fried foods, as the oil is repeatedly used and harmful. Do not consume anything with partially hydrogenated fat. This stuff ages your cell wall membranes like crazy.

One of the secrets to a long lasting body is top quality food. These new earth bodies will last from hundreds to thousands of years, depending on your individual learning choices. There is a large mother ship hidden behind the moon, where the people on it live up to 20,000 years. These folks are in a human type body in appearance. We will be meeting them too, sometime after First Contact. Well, better get this sent out. Enjoy the articles. More are coming. Sananda had other plans and we did not have a conversation today, (Feb 11) so I got around to writing up this article. Have a good day! Candace

Our Universe is mighty big and is one of 700,000 universes and counting.

There are more than 5.6 trillion life supporting planets.

It will be used elsewhere after your natural moons are restored. Your scientists are currently reporting a new moon that circles earth about every 80 days, and another quite a bit father out. These are our creations, not artificial, but from the Asteroid belt.

May I say something here? Your space program is stupid and part of the "UFO" cover-up! You have had "flying saucers" since WW II. With our help, you have earth folks on Mars inside that planet at this time. You know the situation of Mars, and have no need to put those little Rovers on it.

What is amazing is that some of your scientists, that are doing this work, are kept from aware-ness of us, or told that they will die, if they mention this. You have personnel on the moon.

You had 2 moons once. They were brought down by the BBB & G’s long ago, and used to take out Atlantis and Lemuria. Atlantis was an accident. They intended the moon to destroy China. They miscalculated. Your moon is artificial, constructed in Orion, and towed to earth.

Well, we have gone about an hour, and duty calls, Earth ever being a major challenge. I will repeat again, though, I will indeed have my Second Coming this year of 2005, and it will be sooner than later. I look so forward to walking the surface of the earth publicly, and not having to be on star ships or underground.

The many masters, that are returning, will walk the earth and be teaching and in contact. You are not going to be raptured away somewhere. I will be meeting you in your churches, and I will be on TV. I will be most available, and I so desire this, to be among you again in person, as it has taken way to long. Salu and have a wonderful day.

I need to add some clarification here. The Khazar's are the current Zionists. There was a group of people long ago, called Khazar's, that lived in Eastern Europe and Western Russia, who needed a religion with which to control people. After checking out Christianity and Islam and Judaism, they chose Judaism. They continued to dominate in that area up to modern times.

They planned to dominate the world. They have come pretty close. They incarnate in every religion and into many different societies, and draw the people whereever they are into their current plan of the New World Order. They have been in one guise or another on earth since ancient times. They are the fallen angels and the minions of the off world controllers. They are the Illuminati.

911 was caused by the Khazars, (Zionists) many within your government, to cause you to hate Islam, to go after the oil they need, but you don't need, as we have other means of energy to give you. Islam hates the Khazars and for good reason. It was the Khazars, who were behind the Catholic Churches attempt to stop Islam, known as the Crusades.

Understand that Khazars took over Islam and made Islam's problems that exist today. Even the people around Mohammed took charge of him. When Mohammed believed he had been taken up into Heaven, he was in fact picked up by a shuttle craft, and taken aboard a Khazar ship and his mission, in effect, ended at that time.

So, the 144,000 and I came, those many years back to jump-start the process. It takes time. God does not wave a magic wand and all is well. As Sons of God you must make your changes, or in this case, participate in them

I, Matthew Renjaän, is one of the 144,000

There are 700,000 and counting Universes, each with a Creator Son at its head. These great Sons of God are generally known as "Michaels." Nebadon’s Creator Son's name is Christ. I am human. I am NOT the Creator Son, and you all need to "get this." As I have said before, I am simply an elder brother, further on in my journey. Do not deify me. Ye are all Sons of God.

There are 700,000 Universes. And, of course there are 700,000 Universal Logoi. Archangel Michael from Nebadon, is first born Son of YHWH. The Great Central Universe, is the Havona. See “Urantia Book.” I myself work with 3 sons of YHWH, Chiefs of Father’s Cosmic Universes. That is beyond the level of the “12-Rays Cosmic Logoi.” That’s what these 3 sons of YHWH told me.

By the Creation there were 800,000 Archangels.

Archangel Uriel was first Seraphim while he is from the first Creation.

Archangel Ariel is:
- Head of the “Order of Elohim” who reside on the 10th dimension (according the 12th dimen-sional model)
- Council of Ein Sop
- Council of Nine
- Lord of the water of the Entire Cosmos
- Is self ELOHIM
- And more

So, Ascension means that you have been granted the Grace of God, and we are raising the energies of the planet and all of its life. We are repairing the planet, and the entire solar system. Please visit Sheldan Nidle Updates for some descriptions. (The Niddle Updates ( are published every Tuesday. Our Sirian friends provide this information. They are getting mighty impatient about getting to land and begin there work, much of which involves healing the environment. Some of them will be involved in healing those stuck in our most atrocious prisons and mental health facilities. The Nidlereports are archived back to around 2002 on the site.)

Love and Light,

Matthew Renjaän