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Ancient of Days of Orvonton through Candace - February 27, 2012 (AH, Feb 28) - A Celestial Reminder

Hello beloveds, let me introduce myself briefly, for this is a short message and not a teaching piece. There are 3 of us in equal power as you see it, over Orvonton, and you can certainly review who we are in your Urantia Book [].

I could give my short version of my name, but its going to get stolen and used by others, so I will pass. I work with few on this plane, and I have chatted with Candace privately a couple of times.

This is to serve as a small warning to some on your plane not in cooperation. You must remember that if you show up in the Orvonton Courts, you are in some really serious trouble. You are today playing games for example with false news reports about your Queen, and she is not available and using actors is not your option at this point.

I suggest you get on with the Truth and NOTHING BUT THE TRUTH. BY DOING SO, you are less likely to show up in our courts, and in our courts your issues become literally ones of life or death of the continuance of your being.

You continue to believe that Lucifer is going to come to bail you ones out, and he faced ME personally in the Orvonton Courts during the mid part of this past century and after a period of some time, chose to not continue his existence.

What will you say if you face the courts of Orvonton? How will you justify your continued existence, or will you forfeit your eternal life because of PRIDE like he did, to serve a person that no longer is in existence? How would that be service? Even your one called "Satan" returned to the light brothers. Why would you sacrifice yourselves in such stupidity, as it does not serve that old and dead rebellion that is over. IT IS OVER. Except for the remnant of you ones who cannot accept such. You cannot have brownie points brothers for something that is DONE.

This planet is back under the control of the universal realms, even unto Siraya himself, who long ago gave you ones another chance and over-rode ME. I had no mercy left for you. And I can promise you, there will be NO over-riding this time, on that I have the promise of Siraya. I have no mercy for you now, unless you repent. Ponder it.

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