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What to Expect!
2005 will be a year of tremendous change.
It will kick start the shift into the Golden Age, where people will start to connect the dots.

1. Expect and increase in earthquakes and upheavals. Mother earth is ascending to the 4th and 5th dimensions.

2. Expect a collapse or restructuring of the US dollar and other money systems. It will be replaced by an abundant fair system.

3. Expect a revealing of the truth on main stream media. The truth about politics, religion and medicine will be the initial subjects.

4. Expect the appearance of large UFO mother ships above major cities with a few smaller craft making landings. These are here to help us through the shift. Expect the government to paint a fear based negative picture in the media. This will be incorrect.

5. Expect an increase in people questioning the truth from authorities.

6. Expect unusual weather conditions.

To be continued.