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Kick starting the shift!
Kirael 2005 Predictions

This year of 2005 is the one you will be talking about for the next four or five of your years. In 2005 three of your major entities will undergo almost complete reformation: the art of politics, the well-entrenched dogma of your religions, and the huge cover up of that magical spell you are under called the medical world (and believe me, this one will shake the rafters).

At the end of 2005 you will refer back to this writing and ask, Master Kirael, why didn't you tell us the whole of it? Why did you just uncover the first few layers of a world that was about to turn upside down? The answer to that, my friends, is that the final chapters have not been carved in stone as yet. What I will tell you is that, at this time, you are just seeing the tip of the iceberg.

'Tis a planetary awakening that will happen in 2005 with such influence that it will realign the most progressive of thinkers into a force that will cause your political system to enter its final phase under its current way of thinking. Under the new paradigm of energy, those wanting to be politically influential will begin to seek their base as early as mid-year. And they will know that they must be living under the same understanding as the rest of "We the People" and that they will truly need a finger on the pulse of change.

Their old cronies will not stand for them any more, and they will feel the power of this new awakening surging through the average being of the world-and I am not talking just about the Americas. Because the current of understanding will be so enriched with knowing, no one will dare use the old spin-doctors for fear of their lives-that's right, lads and lasses, fear for their political lives.

We the People will see through the lies and deceit so fast that recovery of the "old boy network" will become nonexistent. Early in 2005 the ability to bluff through arrogant text and the verbal misuse of the trust placed in them will not be tolerated, and in this light the world sees its first recognition of a great shift in consciousness. We the People take charge of their lives in such force that it looks like the hundredth monkey theory in action.

I will set the pace of these predictions with the following prophecy: In your 2008 elections (and don't start thinking that is so far off), the U.S. will either be privileged to have its first female president or, short of that, a male that is so balanced you won't even consider his sexual persuasion because you will hear him proudly proclaim to be a spiritualist. That's right, it will be the first election contrived, propagated and finally won by a surge of independent believers, who, by the way, will be quite different than your current independent types. In this way you will get your first glimpse of the Great Shift in consciousness. Soon into 2005 a third party of the former "silent majority" will surge to greater recognition and never once look back.

'Tis a platform to be based on truth, trust, and a grand passion for We the People like you have not seen since the founding fathers so innocently set the United States of America in motion. Many will reread the piece of paper called the Constitution with a new enthusiasm. In the early parts of 2005, as you open your eyes to seeing many of your rights erode, so will you also become aware of a new balance of fearless groups of lightworkers with the tenacity to see this shift into its own awakening. Tell your political friends to seek change or a new way of life.

The current religions of the world are in for a bit of an upset, as the very first parts of the new year will see many renewing their search for the meaning of the Creator. Many who now sit on the fence of indecision will finally move towards forgetting the dogma of a vengeful God and begin to recognize the gift humanity has in the realizing of a Creator that allows for errors to be made and does not think of retribution. What the Creator does allow is for one to keep repeating the same lesson plan in different forms until they get it right. Suffering through the same lesson plans over and over is optional.

In 2005 some of the stranger unfoldings will be the beginning stages of We the People remembering that matter projections, such as weather patterns, can be influenced by mass thought. This type of belief will work its way towards acceptance, and discoveries such as these will be setting the stage for many innovative, proactive awakenings of We the People, and in that light the world reaches a new crescendo in this new year. This also will be setting the stage for further developments, such as integrative medicine.

(Now, you might as well be telling your friends who you are and what you know about healing. Tell them about the full measure of the four levels of healing-the physical, the emotional, the mental and the spiritual.

This may be a bit of a reach for you, yet I'm thinking that you truly don't have a lot of alternatives this year.) The genius mind will prevail in the alerting of the most senior medical tacticians, proving once again that medical costs are derivative of a bureaucratic establishment, and in order to preserve the so-called medical system that currently chokes the life out of the average human, they must begin to reduce the dependency on the medical world.

In the seeking of integrative practices, these same doctors will be so much better off in cooperation with the integrative way of life that they will not hesitate to be of service to We the People in that way. That's right; in 2005 the MD [medical doctor] will be the greatest ally of We the People. Money for integrative healers will be available in a form of coverage yet un-shelved by the politicos. It is already there; they just truly don't want you to see it until they are left with absolutely no other recourse-or better said, until they can squeeze the last drop of financial worth from the system.

In 2005 the religions of the world will be rethinking the struggle to keep their followers in one level of thinking and begin recruiting drives that are unprecedented in modern day history. They will use the "new wave" concept in attempting to appropriate followers from their counterpart's rank and file. This will be causing a bit of a swell of new thinkers who will seek in earnest for a new way of seeing the dogma they have used for years.

The general thinking of churches will be to truly become sanctuaries-not places to hide but moreover locations where people will come together to search for the true meaning of the Creator force. It has taken centuries to land the people where they are now in their belief systems, and in 2005 little community churches will sprout up like wildflowers. The new ministers of these safe havens will know that their responsibility is to create a space where We the People can learn and grow in a spiritual nature-not just based on what they know but what the whole of the congregation knows. Support will come from within as they need it.

Peace movements will have some of the appearances of the nineteen sixties, but instead of the hippies of that generation taking the lead, it will be more of a grassroots campaign led by the mothers of the world.

No, it will not just be mothers with children; in fact it will not even be solely female. What it will be are those people who believe that peace is possible and in that, they will be following the age-old thinking that a mother would use. They will say, "No more! No more killing of my sons. No more hurting of Mother Earth!" It will be a movement that will rock the nations. They will not accept the borders laid down by ancestors. They will ask for and receive from those they have birthed into this world an explanation of just what is going on, and they will get answers.

This 2005 will be seen as a year of small gatherings that, when necessary, will begin to join forces. Not to cause bedlam in the overmastermind. Not to bring chaos into the powers that have chosen to share only what they think the people can handle. These little groups will be so swift in motion that, with an instant's notice, they can bring huge masses of the population together for a cause and then simply meld back into their individual awakenings when they have completed their undertaking. This is the year where We the People have your best chance at change.

The stage is set for those with the greatest intent to bring a new measure of leadership to focus. How then does this smaller group bring change to the few that have always strived for control for so long? How can those choosing to find peace through new means intend to influence the small infestation of men who have taken it upon themselves to set the standard of how the masses will live? It is a new movement, my friends, that will sweep the world in this coming year of 2005, and they will unite in a fashion that has seldom, if ever, stood so proud enough to say, "I am just plain tired of the secrets, lies and spins that we have been fed for so long, and I demand change." The energy of 2005 is transition, a change to the understanding that We the People are finally going to take charge of their own destiny, and in that light the most beautiful aspects of this Great Shift in consciousness will prevail. No more will doom and gloom cloud your thinking. Now is the time to realize that, through your individual intent to heal, the world can begin to see a new hope for the future. Do it now my friends! Good evening.

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